Ушел из жизни музыкант Сергей Труханов The man was fighting cancer. Sergey Trukhanov last time was treated in an American clinic. Many fans can’t believe what happened and Express condolences to his family.
Ушел из жизни музыкант Сергей Труханов

Today it became known that last weekend has left the life of musician Sergey Trukhanov. The man was only 56 years old. He famously wrote music on verses of Russian poets. The last days of life the artist spent in the United States. “Sergey Trukhanov died over the weekend in Belmont, Massachusetts. Dear friends, thanks to all who hoped and believed along with us, and supported him. We will write about the parting of late,” said Network.

For fifteen years the artist has struggled with cancer. That is why he went to therapy overseas. Trukhanov didn’t hide from fans a serious illness and he told about how was treated.

“Friends! About a year ago I was initiated an experimental therapy at the hospital Dana-Farber in Boston. In the current April, the hospital took the decision to continue this therapy at least 2017 (and possibly until April 2018, according to the Protocol the therapy lasts for two years). Technically it’s a dropper, do it once in two weeks. A year-long course of chemotherapy finished in February,” wrote the man.

Sergei kept followers aware of how to change his condition. He said that only an MRI could reflect the real situation. The actor admitted that every two months undergoing tests to keep under control.

Despite the fact that Trukhanov struggled with a serious illness, he did not refuse to perform. The artist gave concerts and pleased the fans with their creativity. The musician appreciated the attention of fans.

“During this visit to Moscow played two concerts, but most of the new songs did not have time to unlearn and sounded watch the commercials! While planning for two or three weeks to fly to Moscow at the end of June,” making plans artist.

Fans can’t believe the demise of the musician. They were quick to Express condolences to the Trukhanov. “The bright memory of the bright man”, “we Mourn. Not forgotten his songs and voice,” “No, you can’t. Serge, well, what is that, Lord! Was hoping to the last, cry”, “Sergey Trukhanov died. Eternal memory… it is a Pity that there are no miracles. Well behaved,” wrote netizens.