Пьер Нарцисс исповедовался перед женой после скандала с изнасилованием In the program “In fact,” star answered honestly to the questions. Pierre Narcisse checked on a polygraph to find out whether he had entered into intimacy with Marianne Suvorova against her will and raised a hand to his wife and daughter.
Пьер Нарцисс исповедовался перед женой после скандала с изнасилованием

In the beginning of the year this year, the former”manufacturer” Pierre Narcisse accused of rape. Radio host Marianne Suvorov stated that the actor joined her in sexual intercourse against her will. On hearing this the wife of the star, Valeria also broke the silence, saying that he has laid a hand on her daughter Carolina. According to her, they were forced to flee. To dot the “i”, Dionne Warwick came on the show “really” Dmitry Shepelev and honestly answered all the questions in the presence of the polygraph.

We will remind, several months ago, Suvorov paints painted, as was the victim of abuse by the singer. According to the girl, he kicked her in the face and choked. All this happened in the hotel room. The artist himself claims that she was drunk and fast asleep.

“Why do I have to beat her if we fight, and communicated? Then she fell asleep. I sat and waited, when she comes to. Then asked the girls at the reception to wait because the girl has not yet recovered. No blood, nothing. I washed her because she couldn’t even clean himself. When she slightly came to, we called the car,” said Pierre.

During one of the television revealed that sex had been consensual, though Marianne insisted on a version of rape. This whole situation negative impact on the relationship between Pierre and his wife. Valery Kalachev said that the man beat her and her daughter Carolina.

As claimed by the woman, she repeatedly forgave the behavior of the stars, but it was hard to believe him again after all the incidents. However, judging by the pictures on social networks lately relations between the couple become closer.

Recently Pierre Narcisse officially apologized to his wife, confessing that nobody else can do it. Pierre Narcisse and his spouse hinted at a reconciliation after a major argument

“I apologize for the God-child Valerie that instead to sort out our lives and grievances, quarrels… I’m so ugly stumbled. The most disgusting. She’s one and only female out of millions and without which I feel so bad, and that I needed” – wrote the artist.