Власти Узбекистана пролили свет на судьбу Гульнары Каримовой The Prosecutor General of the Republic reports that the eldest heir of the former head of state was sentenced to several years of imprisonment. The investigation of another criminal case against Gulnara Karimova continues.
Власти Узбекистана пролили свет на судьбу Гульнары Каримовой

About the eldest daughter of the former President of Uzbekistan, a 45-year-old Gulnara Karimova, long time nothing was heard. There were rumors that the woman is under house arrest, and in November last year online and even discussed the possibility of her death. Today Prosecutor General of the Republic issued an official statement in which it clarified the fate of the successor of the former head of state.

Media are discussing the mysterious death Gulnara Karimova

“The verdict of the Tashkent regional court on criminal cases dated 21 August 2015 G. Karimov was found guilty of committing the charged crimes and she was sentenced to 5 years of restriction of freedom,” – said the press service of the state authorities.

In October 2013 concerning the woman criminal case on the facts of evasion from payment of taxes, participation in a criminal group, “the taking by extortion cash, stocks, shares and property objects of the citizens and entrepreneurs”, concealment of the tax base and number of documents, some of which were destroyed and damaged.

It is reported that the guilt Karimova managed to prove by the testimony of members of an organized criminal group, witnesses and victims. The investigation also used other evidence collected in the case, including the audit organizations, which, according to investigators, controlled accomplices daughter of ex-head of Uzbekistan.

Власти Узбекистана пролили свет на судьбу Гульнары Каримовой

At the moment the investigation of the criminal case against the daughter of the former President of Uzbekistan, allocated in separate production, is continuing. Woman suspected of misappropriation of another’s property for a considerable sum, the concealment of currency in the amount of more than a billion dollars and 29.1 million Euro, violation of the customs laws and trade regulations, counterfeiting of documents, legalization of income obtained through criminal activities.

“According to the facts Karimova G. is charged under articles 168, 178, 182, 189, 228 and 243 of the Criminal code of the Republic of Uzbekistan concerning it elected a measure of restraint in form of detention. (…) The total amount incurred to the interests of the state and citizens of damage on these criminal cases is $ 1 trillion. 270 billion 200 million soums to 1 billion 651,8 million. USA, 26,1 million Euro (total in national currency 3 trillion. 746,8 million soums)”, – emphasized in Prosecutor’s office.

According to the investigation, legalized the assets of criminal groups found on the territory of the twelve foreign countries. So, in Russia, investigators found funds in the amount of six million dollars, the penthouse in a residential complex “Camelot”, a mansion in the mountains Rublevka, eight apartments, a hotel complex, a residential house and land. In Malta, according to law enforcement officials, Karimov used the private plane that cost $ 48.8 million, and in Switzerland she had villas and Bank, which kept a six-figure sum in a foreign currency.