Что осталось за кадром свадебной церемонии Пресняковых On 27 July, the representative of the famous family and his fiancee Alena Krasnova officially became husband and wife. A Grand celebration caused a storm of discussions in the Network, was a success, and some guests could not even hide tears of joy. “StarHit” shares some interesting details about the wedding.
Что осталось за кадром свадебной церемонии Пресняковых

The night before, the Nikita Presnyakov legitimized their relationship with Alena Krasnova – first, the lovers got married in a Moscow registry office, and then went to celebrate an important event in a picturesque castle in the village of Zhavoronki. Long before the ceremony, she became one of the most talked about events of the year. One cake for the couple, who were engaged in the celebrated pastry chef Renat Agzamov, looked like a work of art. “StarHit” reveals other details of a Grand celebration, vpechatlilo demanding a secular audience.

Wedding Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova. Exclusive. PHOTO. Video


While the couple in anticipation of the gala dinner taking pictures near the registry office on the territory of the sanatorium “Barvikha”, in a country mansion brought the finishing touches to the Banquet. Workers who had to meet the guests made an unusual futuristic make-up, playing off the theme of parallel realities. For vivid images said the School of professional makeup Make-Up Atelier Paris.

Что осталось за кадром свадебной церемонии Пресняковых

However, the surprises for the family is not over. The guests could take memorable flavor “ANReal”, in which Nikita and Alena helped perfumer Veronica Bruhovetskaya. Among other pleasant surprises, surprising acquaintances of the newlyweds, was the barman-show with world Champions in their fields, as well as cryo-experiments, which gave everyone unforgettable emotions.

By the way, as it turned out, the groom’s father is fond of perfumes. This was reported by an employee of the perfume Atelier “Aromabath”. According to her, Vladimir Presnyakov “he mixes flavors” and “understands some of the intricacies”. “I appreciated its composition – smelled great!” – she added.


The solemn part of the ceremony began with the vows of lovers. The happy groom appeared very impressive. First room the guests were shown dancers with mirrors, and then under the intriguing music appeared and the groom himself, ulybnulsya family and friends.

Что осталось за кадром свадебной церемонии Пресняковых “It’s a wedding in rock!” – said Nikita.

After the musician appeared his mate. To the altar Alain Krasnov failed father. Nikita Presnyakov made myself a vow, which said in a special day.

Love story of Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova: harassment, fights and a happy reunion

“I know that the character is not easy. I felt like I was drowning in itself dwarfs bashful. You dissolved my anger. Gave me courage, poured the Yin to my Yang!” – with these words the young man turned to the girl.

Philip, who was present at the wedding, he shared his emotions in Instagram. The singer said that the time goes very quickly. “Started… all grown up,” wrote the artist, watching as the young people say vows to each other. The groom’s mother Christina Aguilera, who was sitting next to Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, also decided to make the publication in the stories. “The whole family to gather,” concluded the star.

By the way, one of those who came to congratulate Nikita Presnyakov, was the singer Dmitry Koldun, once with the groom taking part in the project “hair’s-breadth”. The actor was pleasantly surprised the first few years meeting with Philip Kirkorov.

Что осталось за кадром свадебной церемонии Пресняковых “But this year marks exactly 10 years since we made it to the Eurovision result for Belarus, which is not broken until now,” said Dmitry in social networks.


After Nikita and Alena swore to each other in love and fidelity under the applause of the audience, guests are asked to go outside the box in feature space, where they waited for the tables Laden with viands. Relatives and friends Krasnova and Presnyakov suggested to drink champagne and then eat duck breast with walnut and foie Gras, crispy rolls with salmon, spinach salad, pears, Gorgonzola and duck ceviche of sea bass with peach, Olivier salad with Kamchatka crab, mini rack of lamb in Provence herbs with cranberry sauce and other delicious dishes prepared by a team of Maison Dellos.

The lovers and then was struck by your surroundings enchanting dance in the air, which they rehearsed in Nikulinskaya the circus. Maxim Galkin was delighted with the room of the newlyweds. A video posted by the actor on Instagram, scored more than 900 thousand views.

“This is the most spectacular dance of the bride and groom I’ve ever seen!” – Galkin has noted in the microblog.

This evening took to the stage not only the invited artists, among which were the “Nerves”, Uma2rman, “Marseille”, and also SBrotherS, but relatives and lovers. So, Christina Aguilera sang the song Alla Pugacheva “you know, there will still be” together with Vladimir Kristovsky, triggering thunderous applause from the audience.

Not less wonderful was the room of the groom. Nikita Presnyakov, a known fan of parkour, demonstrated spectacular handstand.

In addition, the honoree called to the scene of his companions in the group MULTIVERSE. Colleague Nikita made a pleasant variety in the musical program of the evening, delighting the guests with songs in the style of rock.

When the stage came the band “Marseille”, which is called one of the main wedding bands in the country, Christina Aguilera could not resist and began to dance with her son Dany Baysarov. The singer and her heir lit the song “Hello mom!”.

Toward the middle of the night Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova danced to the hit band Linkin Park, a fan which is the groom. By the way, recently he got his tattoo, dedicated to deceased soloist team Chester Bennington.

By the way, each of the guests also decided to surprise a few and tried to give her a special gift. Perhaps the most original gift to Nikita Presnyakov gave Dmitry Koldun, who preferred until the last moment to hide the fact that he brought with him in the suburban village. Later it turned out that a colleague of the groom for show business bought him an unusual motorcycle.


Tonight Alyona Krasnova changed three dresses – one for the Registrar and pronouncing of vows, the other girl was sitting at the Banquet table with guests. Third attire took beauty for performance numbers with the groom.

Wedding planner: morning Alena Krasnova and Nikita Presnyakov

For the image of lady Nikita Presnyakov was responsible well-known make-up artist Celia kuchumova and Russian designers. Gorgeous dress with a long train which was carried by the maid of honor, adorned with lace and sequins, and the second outfit, emphasized slender figure Aleny was made in the style of the famous designer Zuhair Murad.


Alla Pugacheva actively participated in a Grand celebration and willingly posed for photographers and took selfies with friends of the newlyweds. Celebrity came out in a long white lace dress, opening shoulders. Many have noticed that the Diva looked rested and tanned. Recently the star has returned from Jurmala, where she was vacationing with her husband and younger children, and in the nearest plans of the singer festival of “Heat” in Baku.

During the feast Diva shared her advice with the newlyweds. The star explained what to do, if between husband and wife had a disagreement.

“Never, if you had a fight don’t leave the house. Go into another room, lock yourself in, don’t know, knock” – with these words, Alla turned to his grandson and his fiancee.

Saying farewell to Nikita and Alena, the famous actress also brought a story from his own family life. Diva remembered her quarrel with her husband Maxim Galkin, after which she came to certain conclusions. The singer believes that everything must be treated with humor. It was he, according to Pugacheva, is the main assistant in difficult situations.

“When we first fought, it was many years ago. I was stunned. He Topal feet, shouted at me. Know what I did? I started to laugh. And since then, if something is wrong, I start to laugh. And it puts everything in place,” said the Diva.


Closer to the Grand finale of the Grand celebration came on the scene the artist label, Black Star, Kristina Si. The singer sang familiar to the youth audience hits.

For dessert, guests brought cake Renata agzamova. Star pastry chef, popular with the discerning secular public, once again impressed the representatives of high society. His creation has caused enthusiastic and sighs provoked by the activity of everyone who attended the wedding. Many wanted to photograph a culinary masterpiece in memory.

“Congratulations to Nikita and Alena! Happiness young and understanding! Colors of caramel in the form of crystals badass illuminated,” – said in a microblog Agzamov.