Philip Kirkorov was robbed of a large amount of money

Филиппа Киркорова обокрали на крупную денежную сумму
It became known as the actor lost his expensive property.


Photo: @kirkorovofficial (Instagram Philip Kirkorov)

Philip was
the victim of a crime — the artist stole an expensive piece. As reported by telegram-channel Super, the total damage amounted to 11
thousand dollars, or about 683 thousand rubles. The crime was committed in the town of Pavlovo in the night of 28 may, where the singer
came to give a concert as part of the tour. The attackers opened the truck, which was attributes to show
Kirkorov “I”. Among the missing
things listed and eight concert costumes (four black and four
red). Police have launched inquiry into the incident.

Celebrities often suffer
the losses due to the actions of intruders. Just this year, the victims
of criminals became the son of Oleg Gazmanov, Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota, the daughter of
Valery Todorovsky, Ekaterina. The latter has been robbed in
the center of Moscow with a large gathering of people in the daytime. The criminals broke the glass in the car her fiance and
took out a bag with documents and a backpack with things. The police
on the scene called the beloved girl Ilya, the son of film Director Alexey Uchitel.

The pair was driving home and
the path stopped near the shop. Leaving bags in
the car, they went for groceries. They were not just ten minutes but
cyber criminals it was enough to steal the car. Catherine wrote
a statement to the police, where he listed all the stolen and the approximate cost
damage. The most valuable proved to be the bag itself brands “Karl Lagerfeld” wallet “Marc Jacobs” backpack “Mandarin Duck”,
the laptop “MacBook”, the key chip from the car “Range Rover”, as well as clothing,
cosmetics, house keys and personal hygiene items. All this girl appreciated
276 thousand rubles, which is considered a damage in the large size.