Ольга Бузова открыла еще один бизнес имени себя
The singer decided to release the chocolate.

Ольга Бузова открыла еще один бизнес имени себя

Olga Buzova

Photo: Instagram

It seems that the words of Olga Buzova that she’ll win
world with deeds. Cryptocurrency, a powerful Internet platform that
will compete with popular social networks, singing career, not to mention
the work of the presenter — now the artist decided to produce their own

Buzova offers
choose from three types of chocolate: black, white and milky. She has personally developed the design
packing, and also consulted with pastry chefs in one of the factories. Candy Olga
will sell under the brand name Buzchocolate.
According to the PR Director celebrity Anton Boguslavsky, the idea to create
healthy treat came to the artist during the tour.

“Olga often flies in the aircraft he orders coffee,
usually bring with a couple small squares of chocolate. So she
the idea to create the dessert under his own name — told Boguslavsky Starhit.

To sign a contract with one of the suburban
factories, star came to office, he negotiated with management and
confectioners and participated in the tasting. The packaging design was conceived by Olga
personally. According to Buzova, it is very symbolic, because often she’s speaking at
stage, sends the audience a kiss.

By the way, not so long ago the singer announced the opening of the restaurant
called BUZfood. The singer says that to eat in its cafes you can eat,
useful, and most importantly, inexpensive. “I promised you to make a place where you
tasty, healthy, and most importantly, inexpensive meal? — asked the subscribers personal
microblog artist. — And I have his word traditionally inhibit! In the center of my
favorite Moscow I will very soon open his first restaurant BUZfood. We
a team of professionals (and others close to me never happens) carefully
worked with the concept of the project and its menu, while not only
for a fast, but healthy food! On the menu are various salads, hot and
drinks that we will do according to original recipes!”