Philip Kirkorov in Rostov: shopping and three “Napoleon”

Филипп Киркоров в Ростове: шопинг и три «Наполеона»

Before the concert in the capital of the don star put on a spectacular shopping.

Hi, Rostov-on-don!

Video posted by Philip Kirkorov (@fkirkorov) APR 6 2016 6:25 PDT

Phillip Kirkorov has arrived to Rostov-on-don on the eve of the premiere of the new show “me” – but not by plane as an all star, and train. At the station he was waiting for the fans with flowers. “Hi. Hi, Rostov!” – greeted residents of Rostov Kirkorov and sat in a black car. It is known that Philip travels in the car-salon with a private kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Pop king went to the opening of a fashion boutique Metro Premium selling luxury items and clothes of famous brands, and could not resist from shopping. “Brilliant end of the first day in Rostov-on-don celebrated a Grand shopping in a new project in the South of Russia with the guru of style and fashion Nesterov Gennady”, signed Philip photo on instagram.

— We co-operate with Philippe many years, has told Woman’s Day project coordinator Metro Premium Gennady Nesterov. — Filipp Kirkorov – a professional high level both in music and in fashion. Singer any specialist in the world of fashion will give odds at 10. However, the style that can offer Christian Dior, Lanvin and other well-known designers, bored with Phillip. They can’t cope with his mood. And in the boutique star more than three hours “consumed” intellectual trend of European and American designers.

Specialists in style he picked up outfits for the “Eurovision 2016”, “New wave” and Sochi “Kinotavr”. The position of Philip, which he announced to me: “I don’t need the clothes that adorn me. I need clothing that adorns me.”

— To us to Rostov Philip arrived not with empty hands: gave albums, new perfume, “I”, was invited to the show. We also met with a hospitable friend, with due hospitality: after shopping, went to dinner, where our chef nail Yagudin prepared on special order for him a stunning cake – his favorite “Napoleon”. Philip was ecstatic! The strawberries decorating the cake, were the petals of gold leaf is truly the food for a king! In addition to the cake, on the table were candied, chocolate truffle with rum filling, eclairs, pasta. The chef cooked BBQ, liver, cheese pies, meat, ajapsandali by Cossack recipe, and – of course – crawfish, Philip loves them very much.

By the way, Woman’s Day has learned that before the concert the head of the Rostov fan club Anna Kirkorov will present the idol is another “Napoleon” – weighing in at five pounds. The cake depicted on the poster of the concert.

After the concert Philip Kirkorov with the company went to dinner at the restaurant “Onegin Dacha”. According to the Rostov other stars, their stay in the school lasted until two in the morning. And again the artist presented “Napoleon” is already the third day! “Catwalk cakes is continuing,” said Philip happy. Star fed delicious, a table Laden with culinary delights Rostov cooks: pâtés, pike caviar, tartare, veal cheeks… he Kirkorov from the reception was ecstatic!

Photos from the concert of Philip Kirkorov in Rostov-on-don – on the next page.

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