Polina former Grentz can’t stop lose weight

Полина Гренц не может перестать худеть The star of the TV series “the Teacher” was so captivated by weight loss, he wants to see on the scales around 50 pounds. To achieve this goal, it limits your diet and spends a lot of time in training in the gym.

      Полина Гренц не может перестать худеть

      Polina former Grentz became popular after the release of the series “Fizruk” on channel TNT. For the role Sasha Mamaeva actress had to first recover 16 pounds, and then to rapidly lose weight. Polina told reporters that the most difficult part for her was not to eat as much as she used to during weight gain.

      The girl doesn’t have an acting education, but it did not prevent pass the audition and get to shooting “the Teacher” that made her famous. At the last stage of the audition of the candidates for the role of Mamay warned that they will have to gain weight. “When I finally said that to participate you need to recover, I did not hesitate agreed. Thought to myself: “anything will do, just do not shave my head, please!” Then I got scared that I could not bring myself back in shape. Understood that the chance to play in a movie with these actors (especially with Dmitry nagievym!) once-in-life. The first role — need to shoot! So I gathered my thoughts and began to put on weight,” recalls Pauline.

      The young star had to eat a lot of sweet and flour, most of all she had been gorging chocolate ice cream. “Filming those extra pounds rescued me and helped get into character. On the court I didn’t think much about it, because even typed weight not enough, and I attached the lining on the sides and belly. It gave us confidence that it’s not so bad” jokes the star of “Teacher”.

      Полина Гренц не может перестать худеть

      However, off-set, the girl felt less confident in new weight. At the end of 2015 Polina former Grentz took part in the project “grow Thin with “Stricom”. Within a few months, the actress changed her diet and even tried the “lazy fitness” – a procedure during which the body is glued sensors with current, contributing to the contraction. Despite all the difficulties it faced on the path to slimness, the star has achieved the cherished goal – the scales showed 52 kilograms.

      “Change the lifestyle and get rid of the habit to eat all in a row was very difficult. I regularly make wraps, went to various massages, worked with a trainer at the gym. In training the emphasis is on the basic exercises and cardio. Eat regularly and right, day and night hated eating oatmeal,” said former Grentz.

      Pauline so pleased to feel slim and wear small size of clothes that she had set a new benchmark. The girl wants to lose a few pounds. Some fans are very concerned about her thinness: “Pauline, very slender, a little better would be replenished”.

      The actress now eats exclusively vegetables and boiled chicken, forbidding themselves to eat chocolate and ice cream. In the microblog star successes. Since the beginning of March every day Pauline begins with push-UPS, presses, and barbell squats. So the girl is prepared for summer.

      “If you suddenly want to eat something, then come to the mirror, lift up Mike, I see the result of their labors, and the desire abruptly disappears. I also want to continue building her acting career. And who needs the fat? I don’t want to play stupid and naive girls. On the contrary, dream of a very different cast,” said Pauline in an interview with portal “Woman.ru”.

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