Philip expressed his position in the case of plagiarism

Филипп Киркоров высказал свою позицию в деле о плагиате The king of the domestic pop scene believes that some dream to be glorified through his name. On the eve of Didier Marouani was detained for extortion of a large sum of money as compensation for plagiarism. Now foreign actor said that the author of the song Dalida that quail Philip, too, intends to sue.

      The scandal surrounding the song Philip Kirkorov “tough love” for which the king of pop was accused of plagiarism, has been simmering since the beginning of November. It came down to the fact that French artist Didier Marouani was detained by the police for extortion. Foreign musician demanded from Philip Kirkorov to pay him one million euros over allegedly stolen song. Now Marouani said that a friend of his, song which was performed by legendary singer Dalida, also served in the court of the king of Russian pop scene.

      “The lawsuit against Kirkorov preparing my friend that I have known for over 30 years and who wrote songs for French singer Dalida, including her hit, which Philip decided in 1998 to sing in Russian, not asking permission nor music publisher, neither the author nor the composer — said Maruani. — While my friend has not received any cent from the Russian society of copyright protection”.

      Philip himself quite ironically refers to the entire history. He believes that it is – nothing more, nothing more than an attempt to provide a PR on his good name. However, the pop-Kalol believes that the conflict was started by the French artist – in this case it made the lawyer Oleg Trunov.

      “It’s not Marouani, and the lawyer wants to appear today on behalf of the artist, especially if it’s a man. If you want to overnight on you learned everything propiaritsya, poskandalil with Kirkorov. I will fight to the end, to me apologized, I don’t need to pay millions in fines,” – said Kirkorov.

      At a press conference, which was organized by Alexander Dobrovinsky, it turned out that the culprit on behalf of Philip Kirkorov called by the French. The leader of the group Space denies that talked to him frontman, referring to their musical ear. “I have a personal email address, which gave me assistant… perhaps We talked, texted almost every day. And I see no reason why it could be wrong and I could communicate with someone else. Because in Moscow, I again communicated with Kirkorov…” – says Didier in conversation with journalists of the newspaper Life.