Elena Letuchaya thinking about leaving “Revizorro”

Елена Летучая задумалась об уходе из «Ревизорро» The TV channel “Friday!” reports that at present there is a casting of participants of the new program. In the project “School of Revizorro” Elena will be engaged in the training of worthy successors. Apply can any fan of the popular transmission.

      Recently started showing the next season of the show “Revizorro,” but Elena Letuchaya already thinking about how to find a worthy replacement. In the near future Elena Letuchaya will be leading the new program “revizorro School”, as the press service of the TV channel “Friday!”.

      In the transmission, which has not yet begun, Flying personally prefer raising an army, “Revizorro” together with a team of professionals of hotel and restaurant business. At the end of the program celebrity and experts will select the best of the best, and also will determine who will succeed Elena. At the moment, the TV channel holds a casting of participants of the new show. It is reported that the apply can anyone. For this you need to fill in a questionnaire on the project website.

      Recall that in one of the last broadcasts of “revizorro” there was a fight between the channel and the staff of one of the capital’s restaurants, located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. It was reported that this is one of the biggest scandals of the season. The crew program met extremely unfriendly and had on her physical impact. However, Flying still managed to find that the food in the refrigerator of the institution store without markings, and cleanliness in the kitchen is not maintained at the proper level.

      Note that for all history of existence of “Revizorro” the greatest resonance was caused by the incident in Salekhard. It happened in August last year. Then the workers of one of local cafes seriously threatened the lead, damaged the equipment and caused the beating crew. After this incident, the Volatiles recovered in the hospital and had a life insurance policy for a few million. Journalists reported that in the attack on employees of the TV channel was prosecuted. First they were sentenced to imprisonment, but in August of this year the court acquitted the convicted for a brawl with the team of the TV show.

      Later in the program “Revizorro show,” the Bat admitted that the fight in Salekhard became her turning point.

      “I had a nervous breakdown. When I said, “Revizorro,” I was hysterical — I said, “I can’t”. I got to the clinic, then on this ground there were the blackouts. In Salekhard told me: you don’t go, and if you fly, we’re gonna get you and kill you,” frankly told the presenter.