Peter nalitch believes that modern TV is too much aggression

Петр Налич считает, что на современном ТВ слишком много агрессии

Musician Peter nalitch, who in 2010 represented Russia at the international competition “the Eurovision” with the song “Lost and Forgotten”, has criticised modern TV. In the opinion of the contractor, in television programs show too much violence and aggression. He Nalitch TV watching.

Петр Налич считает, что на современном ТВ слишком много агрессии

Peter nalitch decided to answer the questions of fans on the portal of questions and answers. One of the fans asked how it relates to modern television. “Unfortunately, many people who make the decisions about what will be the policy on a particular channel, based on the wild, spooky, what is in each of us,” answers the question Nalitch. He believes that it is not necessary to concentrate the attention of the audience only really negative and should lighten and positive sides. It is a mistake to assume that the audience will watch the program only if it will show violent scenes and scandals.

The musician recalled his childhood in the ‘ 90s, when the TV did not show so much cruelty. Before the TV was turned to soap operas, movies and cartoons. Everyone can find something to watch in your free time. “Early in my childhood in the 90s – this was not. And there was a shooting murder.”

Craving for cruelty, the artist likened to a “worm” deep in the human soul, whose TV trying to feed, increasing its. “They feed this nasty worm inside of us saw something gross on TV and feel that this is the moment your worm increased. You feed this imp – like in the cartoons Miyazaki”, said Cash.

Петр Налич считает, что на современном ТВ слишком много агрессии

“I think it’s terrible that so many people who make decisions, to think in such a cynical manner,” says the participant of the Eurovision song contest. He believes that the user has a misconception about what to show on TV.

The same artist has a point of view about what should be shown on TV. Cash believes that watching television, people have to learn new things. “Television, like any media outlet, must think about how to carry out a literacy campaign, to promote culture, science, sport.”

Despite its special relationship to television, the 36-year-old musician was repeatedly visited by a TV show. For example, he was invited on the program, Ivan Urgant, where he said about music plans and had a great time. The presence also participated in the program “What? Where? When?”.

Not one musician is outraged by modern television, but the producer Maxim Fadeev expressed their dissatisfaction with the program “Blue lights”. “Impossible repertoire, popular prints, macabre jokes. And all together it – just dive in Hell! Rural party applications from the 80’s! How can you bring the TV to such ugliness and such bad taste? I’m in shock!”. Fadeeva supported Oksana Fedorova. “I hope this freak show will end soon” written in the comments girl.