Луис Уолш назвал Николь Шерзингер обманщицей

The 14th season of the American show “The X Factor” has not yet begun, and four judges have already “friendly” quarrel between them. The jury member from Ireland, Louis Walsh has accused Nicole Scherzinger of lying. He said that “no one really knows how old she is”, because the girl allegedly lied about her real age.

Луис Уолш назвал Николь Шерзингер обманщицей

Walsh, who unlike his colleagues of the singer Nicole Scherzinger, works in a TV show since 2012, said in an interview to Heat magazine that the American star really hide its age. The judge stated that the girl is older than the age in which she made believe the public.

On the one hand, judge friendly makes the compliments to the girl that way, but on the other, the real feud begins. Louis wonders how Nicole is impossible to remain so charming, despite her great love of parties. “It does all this even with a very early age, and even on their own,” says Irish judge. “She knows how to make himself a real beauty with makeup, hairstyles and clothing.”

Walsh wonders how in this age, the girl turns out to be attractive. “Well the fact that she can do all these things at her age.” Talking about his colleague, the judge does not get tired to hint at the actual age of the performer.

Луис Уолш назвал Николь Шерзингер обманщицей

The judge was not going to stay and added, “Nobody knows her real age, but I’m sure she’s much older than he says!”.

Nicole and Louis came under the spotlight in the show along with Sharon Osbourne and Simon Kovalam, where he admitted that will be the judge in the 14th season. Razgovarivala with the media publications OK! Nicole admitted that taking part in any show, she’s given it 110 per cent work.

“it takes a lot of my time, so every time I pay attention to how much time you give yourself as an artist, his music and the projects I am working on.”

Despite the statements of his colleague, the singer is confident that participation in the project is worth it. “Fortunately, working in the X factor itself,” says Nicole. “It’s very important to have such colleagues and to work with them, because we’re all very close and feel a special chemistry between us.”

On Saturday, on their TV screens, Americans will be able to see Nicole, Simon, Sharon and Louis in the roles of judges, who will choose a real talents. Many will be happy that Dermot O’leary will again appear in the role of facilitator.