Пит Дэвидсон шутит на счет суицида и не хочет видеться с Арианой Гранде

The relationship Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have never been significant: Ariana accepted the proposal of marriage to Pete after a month of relationship, and he did not hesitate to make fun of, even over her family! Apparently, Comedy has turned into something more, and the comic just doesn’t see borders in your humor. Now Davidson attracts attention with jokes about suicide and refuses to meet his former sweetheart.

Пит Дэвидсон шутит на счет суицида и не хочет видеться с Арианой Гранде

It all started with a statement on instagram, which seriously disturbed the public, and even the NYPD: “I really don’t want to be on this earth. I’m doing everything I can to stay here for you, but I don’t know how much longer I’ll last. All I ever tried to do is help people. Just remember that”.

The message Pete almost immediately removed, but it managed to see Ariana, who immediately rushed to the SNL Studio, which at the time was Davidson. But apparently the comedian didn’t want to go to her, because she has started to write his Twitter: “I really didn’t mean anything bad. I just want everyone to be healthy and happy. Terribly. Please. Lord.”

Messages worried not only ex-lover Pete, but also the police. She also came to the Studio. “I know you have everything you need, and it’s not me, but I’ll still be here,” continued to write Grand if only Pete didn’t do anything.

In the end it all turned out to be another joke of Davidson, which was not funny. “Sorry, everyone. It was a stupid joke,” wrote the comedian on instagram.

Insiders previously assured that the pair managed to communicate, with the result that Pete wrote in the instagram message about the joke. But then an insider of the close environment of the actor said that Pete just didn’t want to see the former and not agreed to go to her. “She appealed to him on Twitter and came. She tried to contact him and gave up everything to come. But he didn’t want to talk to her and let her know,” shared an insider with the portal E!

However, instagram Pete nobody is waiting for! After breaking up with Ariana Grende as a singer and Pete Davidson took the time to deal with feelings and to return to full social life. Comic actor deleted all photos from the profile and for a long time did not appear in instagram, where it turns out to be not quite what was waiting for back. But he came back!

Pete Davidson returned to your account and shared with subscribers of footage from the new Comedy Big Time Adolescence, which will be released in January 2019. There he played a major role and is proud of it. However, his followers that were not too happy, and some even wondered why they’re still subscribed to Pete. “Idiot,” “Oh, I still have you signed? Oops…”, “Want me to make you an offer?”, “Thank you” — such unflattering comments received Davidson.

Unlike subscribers, Ariana forgave Pete. She provided the public with the song Thank u, next! In it she thanked your ex for what they have taught and brought to life. How many more fans will hate Pete?

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