Что сейчас делает Селена Гомес?

After discharge from the hospital, where Selena Gomez stayed after his nervous breakdown to treat the nerves, the singer announced a break from the Internet. How long will it take to “detox” no one knows, but the media managed to know where Selena is and how she feels.

In order not to lose touch with the public, Selena met up with friends. In a wonderful winter day of Selenium, Conner Franklin and bailee Madison went for a ride on inflatable wheels (tires) down the hill. The company had a fun time that you can see from the photos that girls put up on the network. However, she Gomez to return to the Internet is not going to. On its page no longer appears updates. Judging by the photo friends of the singer, and she is feeling great!

We will remind, after hospitalization life Selena Gomez has changed significantly. She no longer appears at social gatherings, and practically no news about her. Where did the singer and why did you decide to “lay low”? Says an insider.
“Selena is feeling much better after she had specifically disappeared almost three months ago. Over the past year her health has deteriorated, and that happened so quickly between Justin and Hailey, even more made her sick. She was tired of people asking her how she’s doing, so she lay down on the floor to work on yourself. Whenever she gets too badly, Selena takes a break and always feels better. She takes care of herself and recovering emotionally,” admitted the insider portal Hollywood Life.

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