Дочь Пескова пережила страшную потерю The heiress of the press Secretary President Lisa admitted that several years ago she had a prolonged depression after the death of the person closest to her. A familiar girl was tragically killed and she was left all alone abroad.

      18-year-old daughter of Dmitry Peskov Lisa good-looking, smart and educated. The heiress of the press Secretary of the President of Russia received a European education, and now works in the field of marketing. However, the girl was a difficult period in my life a few years ago, when she lost people close to them. The confessions of Lisa, she was not easy to get out of a prolonged depression and time to pull myself together.

      From an early age, the girl was studying in Europe. “At nine years old I was sent to summer camp of the French Ecole de Roches. I was very glad about it: there I met lots of people and got from studying an incredible pleasure. The next month I was sent to Scotland. I realized that I liked more in France, returned to study there,” admitted Lisa.

      While studying abroad she had a friend and mentor who was older than her by 5 years. He helped a girl with learning, was always able to listen and give advice.

      “He was my older brother, his name was Ilya. When I was in 10th grade, Ilya died tragically. For me it was a terrible loss and a huge shock,” – said Peskov.

      When her friend did not, the girl was 15 years old. On weekdays, Lisa lived in a boarding school, and spent the weekend in the apartment, which she filmed mom. “I had a very difficult period, I started to smoke, drink, I had a nervous breakdown,” the girl describes their state after a bereavement of a loved one.

      In high school, the successor Peskov returned to Moscow, was able to catch up with the program and enrolled at MSU. Lisa said that she was disappointed with the education system in Russia, so she decided once again to go to France. The heiress Peskov became a student of the business school, where he was chosen the future speciality – “marketing”.

      At the moment the girl is on vacation and works part-time in the Moscow boutique of the brand Aizel. According to Lisa, she wants to be as successful as dad, and for this we need to put a lot of effort.

      Daughter Dmitry Peskov told about the meetings with his father

      “His father I’m really grateful he’s doing everything absolutely right. I know that of all his children I am the most beloved. I used to think that he doesn’t believe in me that he was disappointed in me because I have always had difficulty in school, but now I know he is of little help to me, as I am confident in me and knows what I can achieve myself,” admitted Lisa in an interview with Peopletalk.

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