Алену Водонаеву осудили за эротичный купальник Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has published a very bold photo. Many decided that the mother of the little boy should not afford to wear such revealing outfits, especially when it comes to family holidays. At the moment, Alena Vodonaeva, her partner Anton Korotkov and son Bogdan to spend time in Sunny Spain.

      Here is the second week Alena Vodonaeva enjoy a family vacation that she spends in Sunny Spain. Eks-the participant “Houses-2”, her lover Anton Korotkov and five year old son Bogdan rest in Barcelona, alternating between walking around the city with a dip in the sea. Ready once again to go to the beach, Vodonaeva tried on a bikini that was acquired shortly before the trip.

      A very immodest outfit opens the most piquant part of the body of the star, making the image very erotic. The expectation that this publication will cause unprecedented hype, Alain hastened in advance to explain that on the fitting it does not matter.

      “I’m a new swimsuit from the suitcase got, which is the last day in Moscow, took without trying. But, it seems, is now back in the suitcase it will be removed. He is “a little” not to stay with the child. And, it seems, in my case, absolutely not swim,” he justified Vodonaeva.

      Despite the fact that the reality star has made it clear that in such a view of the beach to go cannot, followers of her microblog, as expected, were quick to condemn her for choosing this bathing suit in General. “So she,” “Figure super, but the photo is terrible,” “Yes, it can be used as clothing for the photo shoot, no more”, “Take off your swimsuit, just awful. Where is your beauty?”, – leave feedback members of the young mother.

      It should be noted that in this journey, Alena Vodonaeva chooses very chaste outfits. All the time a young woman spends with her son, and therefore watching closely, so it was very comfortable. Boy with great fun exploring the local sights, splashing in the sea and playing with her future husband mom. Anton Korotkov managed to find common language with little Bogdan, but because they are very interesting and fun together. Those who regularly follow the life Vodonaevoy through social networks have repeatedly noted that in her life right now is a time when she can safely call myself totally happy. In the coming months, the star will marry again and start a family like we always planned.

      Video posted by Alena Vodonaeva (@alenavodonaeva) Aug 10 2016 at 2:40 PDT

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