People’s artist of Russia Vladimir Bogin died after an illness

Народный артист России Владимир Богин скончался после болезни The famous actor passed away on may 7 in Moscow. The sad news was reported by colleagues of Vladimir Georgievich. According to them, Bogin for a long time suffered from a serious illness. Fans of stars condolences to his family and friends.
Народный артист России Владимир Богин скончался после болезни

Today it became known that in Moscow has died the actor Vladimir Bogin. People’s artist of Russia died on 71-m to year of life. Sad news reported by the press service of the Maly theater, where Vladimir G. played since the early 70-ies of the Representatives of cultural institutions told about what Bogin has long suffered from a serious illness.

The cause of death of Vladimir Georgievich is not specified. The place and time of farewell with the artist will be announced later.

“May 7, after heavy and long illness died people’s artist of Russia, laureate of the State prize of the USSR Vladimir Georgievich Bogin… Vladimir Georgievich not a lot of work in movies, however the films with his participation are among the best works of Soviet cinema. “Slim, delicate fingers like an artist… a subtle, gentle soul” – these words, said Petya Trofimov about Lopakhin can be applied to the Vladimir Bogino. A real intellectual, a reader, loved nature and animals, he was a kind and considerate man, one of the best actors who appeared on the stage of the Maly theatre over the past 45 years”, – is written on the official website of the cultural institutions.
Народный артист России Владимир Богин скончался после болезни

The staff of the Maly theatre expressed his sincere condolences to the family and fans of the actor.

We will remind that Vladimir Bogin was born 22 Dec 1946 in Saratov. He became an actor by chance. After the future artist graduated from the two courses of the biological faculty of the local University, he went to Moscow to support the man. A friend of Vladimir was going to do in VTU Shchepkin. Bogin passed the examinations in company with a friend and was eventually enrolled in a course of Mikhail Tsarev.

After the young man graduated from College, he for some time worked at the Tbilisi Russian drama theatre named after Griboyedov. In that period of his life, the artist became acquainted with Peter Fomenko, who later starred in several movies.

In a Small theatre Vladimir Bogin worked since 1971. “A vivid personality, intelligence, extraordinary talent and great external data – Bogino the best role of the Russian, Soviet and foreign classical repertoire” – the press-service of the cultural institutions.

In my entire career, Vladimir G. has played in 19 films, including “Fathers and children”, “Talents and admirers” and “the ordeal”. In 2001 Bogin was awarded the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation.