“People smile to the world…”

«Люди, улыбнитесь миру…» My meeting with the famous poet who knows how to make friends and to forgive. In the Maestro’s life a stage when he is dealing with old grudges. Not so long ago Ilya Reznik reconciled with Alla Pugacheva after a long quarrel. The composer has described how it happened.

      «Люди, улыбнитесь миру…»

      The number of hits Ilya Reznik has long surpassed all songwriters. More than seven dozen songs of Alla Pugacheva what are – from “the Photographer” and “Sit-pookaem” to “Maestro” and “the Old clock”. 78th birthday Ilya Rahmielevich meets the Desk.

      – Recently wrote the story “Leningrad of My childhood”, and the poem “My Petersburg”. New and expensive for me the genre – the fable, the collection just came out. I change styles, I’m interested. Ira, what I last did? – Reznik turns to his wife Irina Romanova, the difference in age which is almost 30 years old.

      – “The Saga of the Danish pie”.

      And, there are poems interspersed with recipes. I have a lot of works for children, Irina and even created a new team – the “Small country” called.

      “The repertoire of the young artists definitely won’t be a problem,” I thought. Reznikov’s “Cinderella”, “Golden wedding” (“Grandma next to grandpa”) and “Small country” is one of the most popular in all karaoke bars.

      Sometimes we Wake up, Andrew, and three dogs are. Buzz! I love dogs, unlike people, they never betray. And what Ira prepares delicate cheesecakes and cakes for a couple! However, now I have diet. Eat little morning porridge, then cooked meat, fish and vegetables love.

      – Ilya accustomed to a healthy way of life, for 18 years does not smoke, does not drink, pool every day, kilometer swims calmly.

      «Люди, улыбнитесь миру…»

      – Is it true that now your life is a stage when you hold any grudges deal? In fact, after the February anniversary concert by Raimonds Pauls in “Crocus city Hall” all the media came out with headlines “Ilya Reznik and Alla Pugacheva made up.” You were at Alla Borisovny in the dressing room after the performance. What’s behind closed doors happened?

      – It all started before, when I with heart and other problems in the hospital. Allochka immediately called and offered help, money, drugs. Thank God by that time we were already a little bit up, but I am very grateful for the gesture. Then we congratulated each other a happy New year, and on the evening of Pauls she brilliantly performed. Wonderful was the concert, and can boast of: an author of 15 songs was me. Well, after I went to the alley, presented flowers, and she asked: “do you Have any poems?” I responded: “do you Have music?” She says: “Music is”. – “Then I have poetry.” – “It means we have to work”. At the and kissed.

      «Люди, улыбнитесь миру…»

      – They say that at the time your famous “not over Yet”, brilliantly performed by Laima, Alla Pugacheva for some reason rejected.

      – “Hey you up there” she also didn’t want to sing. “Alla, come sing, come on, how fun, cool”, but she was capricious. It is impossible to describe one or two phrases her character, it’s impossible. Because she’s different, funny, jealous, and vengeful, and nedopoluchat, and mighty, and generous – the whole palette of human characteristics. And I’m very touchy, I admit it. Therefore, in our more than forty years of friendship happened pause. But life is short, need to forgive and to be forgiven. The first step when I was on the edge as Alla did.

      «Люди, улыбнитесь миру…»
      «Люди, улыбнитесь миру…»

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