Irina Shayk has shared a candid selfie with Bradley Cooper

Ирина Шейк поделилась откровенным селфи с Брэдли Купером The photo is very unusual. In the frame of the head not visible neither Irina nor her boyfriend. Instead, the top-model offers insight in her luxurious forms in the open bathing suit, and also to enjoy her idyll with her lover.

      Ирина Шейк поделилась откровенным селфи с Брэдли Купером

      30-year-old top model Irina Shayk and 41-year-old actor Bradley Cooper together for almost a year. For the time of their relationship, the couple never made a joint picture to social networks. But they in excess of did the paparazzi photographers and social events. In addition, celebrity preferred not to tell reporters about his affair. Everything was seen through the happy eyes of Irene and Bradley, and their tender regard for each other. The beautiful model and Hollywood star immediately named “one of the most beautiful couples in show business”.

      And recently, Irina has decided to share with fans a photo together with her lover. Yes such that many people simply captured the spirit. For selfies and Shake Cooper’s visible only magnificent Breasts mannequins and torso of her men. Apparently, the couple is in the pool or Jacuzzi — they are surrounded by water. Somnevatsya that the pictures of Bradley Cooper. First, Irina demonstrates to others the commitment to long-term relationship (the previous novel Shayk with Ronaldo lasted five years), and secondly, in the picture at the second half of the model visible thick beard, like a famous actor.

      Ирина Шейк поделилась откровенным селфи с Брэдли Купером

      Fans of Irina marveled by the beauty of the woman and happy for her happiness. Many of them left a comment with a few emoticons in the form of hearts. Others wrote that the picture was very hot. While fans Shake to these pictures. The model posted the footage from the shoot where she poses half-naked (for example, in one picture, Irina is only in the lower part of the bikini), as well as photos of yourself at different angles in a bathing suit, in very skimpy clothes.

      Previous relationship with the Sheik footballer Cristiano Ronaldo continued for several years. According to journalists, Irina threw beloved because of his infidelity. The shake was horrified by the fact that Ronaldo was chatting with dozens of girls from different countries with which he had short term romances. On the same day, when the supermodel found out about numerous treasons Cristiano on the side, she decided to leave.

      Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk for a long time hid that they were Dating. Almost six months have passed since the first rumors about the novel the stars before they made the confession. Now a supermodel and actor, according to associated people, are gaining momentum. This spring, Shake and Cooper bought a luxurious mansion for six million dollars in Manhattan to start a life together.

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