Pelagia suffered from the lack family

Пелагея страдала из-за отсутствия семьи The singer was worried that the time and loved one was not. Pelagia told about the difficult period in life. The singer admitted that without a man in her personal life and work there was stagnation. But the mentor show “the Voice” has managed to reverse the situation.
Пелагея страдала из-за отсутствия семьи

Singer Pelageya and mentor for the sixth season of “the Voice” became the heroine of a new edition of “Parole” with Yury Nikolaevym. A vocalist who doesn’t like to talk about my personal life, this time broke the rules and shared the most intimate thoughts.

Pelageya admitted that she was not spared the theme of female loneliness. Approaching a certain age, she is very worried due to the fact that separated from her beloved man, with whom she could start a family. The Network got a rare family photo of Pelagia

Пелагея страдала из-за отсутствия семьи“It was a very difficult period. It’s time, and I didn’t have my family. You come after the concert, where the applause, stretching the hands, and the house is so loud, but silence. It’s starting to push it, oppresses. I realized that there is stagnation, including in the work”, – said Pelagia.

But the vocalist managed to change my life. In February last year, she met a hockey player Ivan by Telegina, who became her husband. In January of this year, the couple had a daughter Taisiya. Pelagia says that today she feels much more confident and stronger. To her family – a source of inspiration. “Awakened a desire to protect her, I have become the wolf,” admitted Pelagia.

Пелагея страдала из-за отсутствия семьи

Despite its explosive nature, in relationships, the singer is always a compromise, more ready to forgive a loved one. According to her, Ivan Telegin – the man who is perfect for her.

“A real man – reliable, man of his word, who I can completely rely on, to know that whatever happens, I have a rear. I was always looking for a partner with whom we will be equal. Wanted to meet a man with whom I would be interested,” says Pelageya.
Пелагея страдала из-за отсутствия семьи

In recognition of the singer, they with her future husband in the early days of Dating I realized that their views on family are very similar. “Our principles, vision, how to be a real house, not in the sense of apartments, but in the sense of understanding how we want to live together. I hope we both have enough strength and motivation to always remember how we each other of the road. And I have someone to learn, among other things,” concluded Pelagia, obviously hinting at his counterpart Yuri Nikolayev, who has many years of happy marriage with his wife Eleanor gravis.