“Sorry to disappoint you!” Yulia Menshova followed coarse criticism of the fans

«Жаль, что разочаровала вас!» Юлию Меньшову вывела из себя грубая критика фанатов
New release “Tonight” provoked a scandal.

Yulia Menshova and Maxim Galkin

Photo: @Instagram maxgalkinru Maxim Galkin

On the eve aired the first episode of the programme “Tonight” with a new leading: Yulia Menshovoj and Maxim Galkin. Updated show sparked a heated debate in the Network: some are convinced that Andrey Malakhov retired in this position no one can replace, and others believe that new presenters coped with their responsibilities.

The very same Julia admits the rst release took place in a nervous atmosphere. After watching the broadcast, Menchov was dissatisfied with his work and promised to correct the mistakes. But detractors, who rudely criticized the new leading, she asked to continue not to watch “Tonight.”

“I’m sorry I disappoint you, or Maxim you don’t like it, or you never loved us both, I am sorry that your First rolled “through the floor”, etc. etc. the Good news for you is that you can not watch this program. Yes! It is possible! However, the bad news: we with Maxim will continue to work in her, over her, and himself, despite the fact that it is so unbearably disgusting!” — Julia turned to the fans.

Recall that, on assurances of Stas Sadalsky, as a leading “Tonight” also claimed Dmitry Shepelev, but at the last moment the management of the channel changed his mind.

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