Pelagia married hockey player who is younger than her by 5 years

Пелагея вышла замуж за хоккеиста, который моложе ее на 5 лет
About the secret wedding of stars became known only today.

Пелагея вышла замуж за хоккеиста, который моложе ее на 5 лет

Pelagia and Ivan Telegin at marriage

Photo: @phfanclab (Instagram fan club Pelagia)

Pelagia and Ivan Telegin

Photo: @official_pelageya (Instagram Pelagia)

A novel 29-year-old Pelagia and 24-year-old striker hockey
CSKA Ivan Telegin led to a secret marriage of the lovers. Store
his personal life with seven seals, the star was able to keep secret their
the wedding which took place exactly a week ago. Their marriage John and Pelagia
registered in Kutuzovsky registry office, and close friends, including Leroux
Kudryavtsev and her husband Igor Makarov, the celebration in the restaurant
Rublevo-Uspenskoye shosse. Such details, informs Starhit.

The bride has always distinguished curvaceous, but as
she lost weight, was able to afford the wedding dress, emphasizing the figure.
Wedding dress from Galia Lahav cold shoulder was modest, and
solemn at the same time, suitable for both the wedding ceremony and for
the performance on the stage. That, however, turned out to be quite true: indeed, during the holiday
feast Pelageya performed for loved ones and guests a few songs.

We will remind that it already the second marriage of the singer. In 2010, she
married Director Comedy Woman Dmitry Efimovich, but two years later the couple parted. Though
at a fairly young age, Telegina personal life was also turbulent. His ex
beloved Eugene Nour raising their son Mark. About this girl
told on the show “live”, pleading with Ivan to pay more attention to
child. But the relationship with former Telegin has not commented.

It is curious that exactly a week ago Pelagia was posted on
page in the social network video from the wedding ceremony, although the frame was
other groom and bride. Apparently, therefore, the star hinted at a change in
my life. After the wedding they are young (in all senses) and my husband went
rest in Greece.

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