Паулина Андреева шокировала очень смелым декольте
At the opening of the Moscow international film festival, the actress appeared in a revealing outfit.

Paulina Andreeva

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Star of TV series “the Thaw” and Method” was back in the spotlight. On the red carpet of the Moscow film festival Paulina Andreeva appeared in superficiales outfit with a very bold, on the verge of a foul” neckline. Festival guests were so shocked by the sight that I did not even realize but the actress came out alone, without a novel!

But it seemed that after the closing of the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi and a half weeks ago Bondarchuk and his fiancee appeared together, and now the couple will be inseparable. But no wonder Fyodor Sergeyevich is one of the best Directors of the country. The show, which started in Sochi continues: the publication of Paulina alone will cause more conversations than their joint appearance…

In fact, Bondarchuk very busy working on his new film “Gravity.” Because of the “Kinotavr”, in the trusteeship which it is part, had to make a pretty long pause at the preparation stage of the project to premiere. And now Director with his team catching up.

But Paulina to fully enjoy the high life, in the official companion of a novel. By the way, talking about the forthcoming wedding of the two stars is not without Foundation. Barriers to this is no. Even Svetlana Bondarchuk publicly acknowledged the affair her ex-husband and Andreeva, published their joint photo from Sochi on the cover of the magazine, which is headed.

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