Ольга Остроумова решилась на развод из-за «безудержного стремления мужа к свободе»
National artist for the first time openly talks about his marriages, men and children.

Olga Ostroumova and Valentin Gaft

Photo: Elena Sukhova

History of Olga Ostroumova and Valentin Gaft full
contradictions and obstacles. Fate brings them for a long time, carefully, giving the opportunity
look at each other, surprised and get used to it. And here behind 20 years
married life, and Ostroumova jokes: “Soon we have porcelain wedding,
it would not have crashed. I don’t think that Val remembers and keeps in mind the number.
But it does not matter. The important thing is that we are still interested in each other.”

With the Gaft they first met in the mid
1970s — on the set of the film of Eldar Ryazanov’s “Garage”. Now Valentine says that Olga liked him at first sight. But to approach her “for
the scenes he dared not: she was married, and he is not free. Only in the early nineties,
having lived with the father of her children — directed by Mikhail Levitin — more than 20 years, Ostroumova filed for divorce. The reason stated: “the unrestrained desire of the husband to freedom.”
“Judge not
understand, asked for clarification. I explained: “He too loves freedom and all the time
me declares that he is a free man, he doesn’t want a family… So
here, I give Mikhail Zakharovich this freedom, please” — says Ostroumova. It was not that he staged many performances, and her, his famous wife was not invited to play them. One friend of the actress, having learned that Ostroumova leaves her husband, said: “Many women do not pay attention to her husband’s infidelity, here and do not know of divorce”. But Olga was tired not to pay attention.

After the divorce she had a condition, though
“dropped from the tenth floor, I then everything crashed”. Ostroumova is no longer
believed that will be able to become happy. And yet the miracle happened. Through
a couple of years after leaving Levitin, in an interview in one of the shows, it suddenly opened and
he said: “I will wait, who will want only me…” And it had to happen that her words are heard Gaft. And began
to look for her…

How were these impossible at first, the relationship,
the actress spoke openly for the first time here.

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