Pelagia could not forgive the betrayal

Пелагея не смогла простить предательство
The singer gave a Frank interview about family and work.


Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Honestly Yuri Nikolayev”

Pelagia doesn’t like to talk about everything related to personal life. But to refuse to talk to Yuri Nikolaev, whom she knows from childhood, could not. In the power of friendship with the leading artist for the first time opened for the audience a lot of secrets about himself and his family.

Of course, Yuri in the first place asked wringing questions relating to the upbringing of her 7-month-old — daughter Taisia. As told by the singer, the girl grows very serious. Baby, in contrast to mothers, quite rare happy family smile. Pelageya jokingly calls Taisia “stark daughter”. By the way, the singer explained the choice of name for a girl is simple: she always liked the name Taisiya. “The name is Tasia nice to say. We have it is even bonded, and Tasia. My husband calls Pose. We have a house tasya, Pose, Bob, and James,” he joked Pelagia.

About your husband Pelagia says with undisguised pride. Hockey player Ivan Telegin consistent with the concept artist about the ideal life partner. “A real man — reliable. This is a man of his word, who I can trust fully and know that no matter what happened — I have a rear. And I’m in it for the rear. I’m always looking for partners so we were on equal terms!” — admitted Pelagia.

Pelageya is not just looking for a family life most reliable partner. She would not like to face life with deception or betrayal. “I lied at work and loved ones. And betrayed, right really. Of course, this produces the reflex. But not to trust people I can’t. Because then in this story makes no sense. In my life the lie that I could not forgive. I and these people I absolutely do not communicate. I am a device man, if that is broken, then I can’t glue it back!” — said Pelageya in the show “Honestly Yuri Nikolaevym”.