VIDEO: Timur Rodriguez changed her image

ВИДЕО: Тимур Родригез сменил имидж
Changes in appearance of the artist associated with the influence of Yulia Peresild.

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Many stars participated in the festival “HALOFEST” in the garden “Hermitage”
in support of the charitable Fund “Galchonok”. Bright makeup that
used Timur Rodrigez, needed him and for the circus parade alle in the beginning
holiday, and to participate in the performance “People and birds”.

VIDEO: Timur Rodriguez invented a new musical genre

By the way, the costumes for this production made for the award
Peresild, which she received for participating in the movie “Battle for Sevastopol”. Share
Actresses of the total amount issued for the film-makers amounted to 200 thousand rubles. All the money she gave
the artists who did the artwork for production.

Recording of Alla parade with the participation of stars who opened the “HALOFEST”
in the garden of “Hermitage”, please click here>>