Пелагея тайно отпраздновала день рождения Popular artist jealously guards her personal life from outside attention. However, the Network still leaked pictures from the party thrown in honor of the 31st anniversary of the singer. Last Friday Pelagia celebrate together with friends and family.
Пелагея тайно отпраздновала день рождения

Pelageya prefers not to flaunt personal life, why the secrecy with which the singer had planned a birthday surprised fans. Star gathered friends to the conservative party, arranging her so that no details about the event are not leaked out.

However, a friend Pelageya, photographer Vladimir Shirokov still couldn’t resist and shared the secret with the party. On the frame he is shown next to the singer, who looks great. The actress opted for an important event red dress with a plunging neckline. Fans went into raptures of her blooming appearance and a slender figure.

“Yesterday’s secret birthday of our Poly”, – has signed a frame Vladimir Shirokov.

The provoked a strong reaction among fans of the singer, who peppered her with compliments. “What Pelageya beautiful, incredible, She is gorgeous, her smile drives me crazy”, commented the fans of the actress.

Fans noted that the singer had lost weight and managed to come in shape after childbirth. Recall that in late January of 2017 Pelagia for the first time became a mother. The artist had a daughter who was named Taisia.

At the event dedicated to the day of birth star was present only the closest friends and relatives. On the feast came and the singer’s husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin. However, the joint personnel couples the Network never got.

Recall, Pelagia deleted the profile in Instagram after hackers stole her personal photos. The case so outraged her that she became even more zealous to protect privacy.

Despite the fact that the young woman no longer enjoys the social networks, fans and celebrity friends continued to congratulate her via “Instagram”. So, touching wish, dedicated to Pauline, wrote to Dima Bilan.

“Honey, be happy, healthy and energetic as always. We all love you and wish your family the best of luck. Recently downloaded all your albums, what a solid and insanely talented! I hope ever to work together,” – wrote in Instagram Dima Bilan.

Recently, it was reported that the singer might be back in the show “the Voice” next season. The producers of the project we want to involve all members of the original jury. So it is likely that Dima Bilan and Pelagia soon again will work together.