Антон Гусев высказался о ситуации с невыплаченными алиментами Former member of “House-2” told about the relationship with his son. The man claims that Eugenia Feofilaktova accusing him wrongly for the sake of PR. Anton emphasizes that the left spouse half of the business, thus regularly buys a child gifts and spends time with him.
Антон Гусев высказался о ситуации с невыплаченными алиментами

Anton Gusev was again at the epicenter of the scandal. Recently ex-wife men, Eugene Feofilaktova, announced that it intends to sue to recover debts for alimony. A young woman claimed that the father of Daniel for months supported him financially. Eugene Feofilaktova, “Anton moved his son six thousand”

Now Anton has decided to break the silence and comment on the situation. The former participant “Houses-2” claims that he tries to spend four years Daniel all the free time, buying baby clothes and gifts.

“Jack is promoted at the expense of all my situations. I left half the business that it fed my own son. When I take Daniel, then buy him food and gifts. It is strange that such thoughts come to mind my Wife when my life is on hearing. I love my son and will always try to pay him more and more. I don’t mind,” – commented on the situation.
Антон Гусев высказался о ситуации с невыплаченными алиментами

In Instagram male routinely combines images with the child, touching by signing photos. Gusev claims to be doing with my son all my free time. If he fails to meet the baby personally, Anton calls up with Daniel.

Earlier, Gusev claimed that the son is the main person in his life. That is why he is willing to do anything just to secure Daniel a comfortable future.

However, Evgenia Feofilaktova a different vision of the situation. The young woman had previously said that the ex-husband rarely sees the child and not support him financially. That is why Daniel’s mother is going to resolve financial issues through the courts.

About the relationship Gusev with a child expressed and ex-fiancée men, Victoria romanet. The girl claimed that Anton rarely seen with Daniel, and alimony and is paid once.

After the scandal with the failed wedding Gusev plunged head first into a career. He often writes about business, trying not to comment on personal life. However, fans of the star believe that he is not alone and found a replacement Victoria romanet.

Commentary magazine “the House-2” Anton noted that the ex-wife specifically talks about his indifference to her son to create him an unflattering way. “I don’t know what’s on her mind. But how much you can prove to people what I’m bad father,” says Gusev.