Дмитрий Маликов сообщил о скоропостижной смерти молодого помощника 30-year-old representative of the musician died of heart failure. Dmitry Malikov told about a tragic event in his microblog. A man named Tom ten years was the right hand of the famous artist.

Famous musician Dmitry Malikov on Saturday night said the tragic news on his page in Instagram. Died his spokesman Artem, for as much as ten years in charge at the artist team for compliance with the technical rider.

A young man was only thirty. Dmitry Malikov gave to understand that terribly upset about the untimely departure of his assistant. The composer admits that, after learning about the incident, he could not hold back tears.

“I’m crying… Artem died. My right hand last ten years. And he was only 30. Heart failure. No more no words, no emotions. Only tears,” he found the strength to write a post in a microblog Dmitry Malikov.

The tragic news renowned musician accompanied by a picture of Artem. It depicted a young man smiling. Probably such cheerful and radiant person will find Artem all who knew him. In the comments to the post tribulation Dmitry Malikov responded and those who were personally acquainted with Artem. They write that he was a great sport, very kind, nice and open guy. Many can’t believe that Artem is no more.

“Here’s this cute guy? Happy. Great sense of humor, what are you doing?”, “The Kingdom of heaven. May he rest in peace. My condolences. Forces you to live through this loss”, “Hold on. Sorry, and I met him, when you group went to Kirov, he was a nice guy”, “heartily sorry for… Eternal memory and Angels to help. Extremely sorry…”, “what is it, so young to die. Still to live Yes to live, work to do Yes… Let him rest in peace”, “Dima, hold on, I know it was you loved one”, “don’t believe… Dima, hold on, condolences to the family and your colleagues. So frustrating and not fair!”, “Dima, my most sincere condolences. Remember him very well, six months with him you have to work”, – said fans and friends of Dmitry Malikov trouble.