Outfit Maria Maksakova with fur perplexed fans

Наряд Марии Максаковой с мехом вызвал недоумение поклонников Opera singer surprised the guests of Odessa film festival in a strange way. A woman appeared on the red carpet in a white dress and a fur Cape, which seemed out of place in hot weather.
Наряд Марии Максаковой с мехом вызвал недоумение поклонников

Maria Maksakova is increasingly coming to light, and each of her appearance at social events is causing strong reaction from fans. The singer never ceases to amaze with original images. So, on the eighth of the Odessa film festival the star had come in a classy white outfit that complements a fur coat.

Maria Maksakova attracted everyone’s attention and felt comfortable, although it was very hot. The singer smiled and politely chatted with the press.

Some fans of Opera diva was outraged that a woman wears to social events, light-colored dresses. According to them, Mary is obliged to wear mourning for the deceased spouse. We will remind, the singer’s husband, Denis Boronenkov, was shot dead March 23, 2017 in Kiev. This event shocked the environment Maksakova and her family.

And yet, there were fans who praised Maksakova for the courage and originality of the bow.

“Beautiful and worthy. Just umnichka”, “always Be like this, I admire you”, “You look worthy. The real Queen”, commented the pictures of Mary to her fans on social networks.
Наряд Марии Максаковой с мехом вызвал недоумение поклонников

The diva herself is oblivious to criticism. Now she tries to spend all free time with friends. Woman changed her style and tries to avoid scandals. Maria is always a welcome guest at major cultural events.

This year at the opening of Odessa international film festival actress Sibel, Kekilli, which played the role of Shai in the TV series “Game of thrones”. However, the image of American stars inferior extravagant along Maksakova.

Fashion critics recognized the dress of Mary, if not the most successful, then certainly the most discussed.