Алена Апина намерена судиться с известным блогером The singer is outraged by the statements of Lena Miro. Alena Apina promised her to meet in person, if she did not stop writing nasty things on his page in “Live journal”. The star of the ‘ 90s is planning to enlist the help of lawyers in order to calm the controversial blogger.
Алена Апина намерена судиться с известным блогером

Blogger Lena Miro, known for his controversial remarks against renowned personalities, risked on the bench of the defendants. At least, such a prospect promised her the star of the 90s, Alain Apina, become an object of ridicule Miro. The singer has considered that statements of the girls are too offensive.

Before blogger allowed myself to walk on appearance as a singer, but as illustrations cited photos that Apina puts in Instagram. According to Miro, the singer of hits behaves inappropriately for a woman her age. Alena Apina: “I soon won’t have anything to talk with her daughter. What a nightmare!”

“52-year-old Saratov honored artist of Russia still considers itself a beauty. In hand – a glass of champagne, saggy breast – lace. Dumped this mess in the social network. (…) Okay, she does not see, but no one else, out of kindness or friendship, do not tell her that it is time to quit? (…) What am I? Oh, yeah: you show your ugly shell people putting on mini and ohasas? When to finish the plan?” – appealed to Epinoy Alena Miro on his page, “Live journal”.
Алена Апина намерена судиться с известным блогером

The singer noticed this post and decided adequately to react to it. She suggested that Lena Miro thus gaining points to himself, trying to gain popularity by using well-known names.

“The girl they call Elena Miro. I don’t know what that bird is. What makes a bread than fame, and even age and appearance for me is a big mystery. Elena, you once again are paying me so much attention! Have you got something personal? Or is this the only opportunity for you to shout about yourself? (…) Maybe you’re a fireman? It is very smartly you manage hoses and sleeves, through which poured on their heads, actors, politicians and sportsmen have in your fragrant shit!” – said Alena Apina.

The singer advised the blogger to receive a legal education, yet a little more, and her flood claims in court. You have to defend. “Go to law school, kid. This is still a friendly advice. After a couple of such statements, and you won’t have to waste your precious time on Internet communication and to meet in more interesting places. In the courtroom, for example. Learn in this life are something to do with their brains or hands” – quoted Alena Apina edition Life.ru.