Николь Кидман отметила свое 50-летие «безумной» фотосессией
The actress can’t believe that he decided on such an adventure.

Nicole Kidman

Photo: Social Networks

Nicole Kidman, who this summer “exchanged” the sixth decade, decided that
such an important milestone must be noted. And shortly after his
birthday she decided to give consent for a risky photo shoot, about what it
before and think could not. And now she has shared with fans the results
this experiment.

Nicole agreed to pose for the magazine Love in a very unexpected for her
outfit. The fact that Kidman usually prefers relatively modest for Hollywood
of course, outfits. As told earlier, Nicole, among other things,
too bold styles do not approve of her daughter’s faith and Margaret. And Kidman, who
just loves his girls, did not want to lose their respect.

But this year, after Nicole, shortly before its 50th anniversary,
played in the TV series “Big little lies”, where she had a chance to play in a very
risky bed scene, it seems a little revised his views. In
the end Kidman was photographed for the cover of the magazine wearing very sexy red swimsuit
lace-up and cowboy hat! According to some fans, Kidman a little
overdone — although the figure Nicole is still almost perfect, such a frame
would be more appropriate for a girl of years 25-ti, not more.

However, and Nicole herself slightly frightened by the result of the experiment. “Until now
then, I can’t believe I agreed to this madness! And I just thought…
I must have gone mad…” — commented the actress. Why
she ventured such a photo? The fact that Kidman is working hard
other, trying to take everything that happens to her changes and your age, that
it is not easy for almost any woman. And this photo shoot was for her regular “exercise”
on this subject…