Анастасия Заворотнюк шокировала снимком взрослого сына
17-year-old Michael became like a mother as like as two peas.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk with her son

Photo: @a_zavorotnyuk Instagram Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is not often spoils fans with photos of their adult children. And if her daughter Anna has its own page in a social network, the actress’s son — 17-year-old Michael escapes the publicity. Today the artist posted a photo of his son, which impressed the fans.

Michael as you get older, it becomes an exact copy of her famous mother. It’s funny, but the Anastasia and Michael had baffled many of its followers: they could not identify the family portrait of the son of the actress. “Where’s Michael? As two peas similar…”, “If not for the hair, I’d think that next to Anastasia and her daughter!” — writing fans Zavorotnyuk.

In honor of the birthday of the son of the actress in the caption to frame shared a touching congratulation. Anastasia told that he could not believe that her son is an adult. “Children’s photos in the family album, a touching and funny kid, and now — already quite adult young man. My son was over for another year, — said Anastasia. — Be strong, reliable and kind, be persistent but patient and consistent. Set goals with confidence, choose wisely, to dream greatly and safely, and then seek, make, achieve. And never stop learning and to enjoy all that is good and important that it offers you. I believe in you is infinite and boundless love. Be happy, my dear!”

Lately, by the way, over the personal life of Anastasia and then there are different rumors: that Zavorotnyuk and her husband Peter Chernyshev credited with the divorce, the actress is suspected of pregnancy. And at some point were rumors that the actress failed plastic surgery and become unrecognizable. However, Anastasia refers to the gossip calmly and repeatedly denies the emerging expectations of fans.