В Сеть попал снимок с секретной вечеринки Пелагеи
The singer celebrated his 31st birthday in the company of closest friends.

Vladimir Shirokov and Pelagia

Photo: @Instagram vshirokov Vladimir Shirokov

On the eve of the Metropolitan school Pelageya in strict secrecy celebrated his birthday. After the recent scandal with the stolen photos, the singer became even harder to hide my personal life. On the last party of the actress became known only the next day. “Yesterday’s secret dare our Paulie!” signed the friend of Pelageya, who published the only photo of the event.

Although Pelagia and recently deleted my only page in social networks, many people habitually wrote letters to singer there. Dima Bilan, for example, on the eve admitted publicly wringing feelings. “How can we get around birthday dear Pelagia, though, and was removed from Instagram, but still… — posted by Bilan. Dear, be happy, healthy and energetic as always, as we all love you and your family good luck all, here! Recently downloaded all your albums, what a solid and insanely talented! I hope again someday to work with you! Happy birthday! We love you, you speak for many!”

We will remind that not so long ago, hackers stole personal account Pelageya her personal photos. In response to the actions of the Scam artist began to avoid appearing in social networks.