Пелагея: «Я ленивая мать» The singer first spoke about his successor. Pelagia made some unexpected confessions about motherhood, by coming in the Studio of the program “Evening Urgant”. The star admitted that he doesn’t really like to walk with my daughter, and told what was the nickname she and her husband came up to little Thais.

      Пелагея: «Я ленивая мать»

      Singer Pelageya and former mentor of the First channel show “the Voice” gave the first after the birth of her daughter Taisia interview in which he told about the little heiress. On 8 March, the singer became a guest of the program “Evening Urgant”. In the Studio of a young mother appeared in a bright red dress, accentuating her slender figure. Pelageya was in an excellent mood, joked a lot, laughed and openly told about the difficulties of motherhood.

      “I’m a lazy mother – admitted Pelagia. The hard part for me now is to walk with Taisiya through the woods. The snow came down, the word is out and sticks to the wheels of the stroller. I know that other mothers just put cradles with the children in the balcony, but I have no balcony, so you have to walk every day for two hours. And I’m very lazy”.

      Meanwhile, according to Pelagia, with all the motherly duties she handles herself. Nanny of the singer no. Now a six-Taisiya, like all kids that age have colic. Because of them parents daughter came up with a funny nickname.

      “We call her the Minister of the Bunch, laughing, said Pelagia. She’s very serious, smiling only in dreams. Even when she was in my stomach, and I only saw her on the ultrasound, the daughter was always so gloomy, frowning. I was already afraid. A serious girl. The way it is”.

      Taisiya is already showing interest in music. Especially for daughter Pelageya includes classics and says that the baby is very like Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and here is Taisiya not yet rated. But most of all she loves when her mom sings. Said Pelageya and that for someone like her successor. “Daughter like dad, only without the beard, – said the young mother. She even got a little hockey.”

      Recall that the famous singer Pelageya and her husband, hockey player, Ivan Telegin are the parents of 21 of January of this year. The singer’s husband helps her baby daughter. Not so long ago in the Network got the footage in which Ivan Telegin captured during a walk with Taisiya. Fans discuss the frames wife Pelagia with a small daughter