Предполагаемая избранница Дмитрия Тарасова возмущена оскорблениями Anastasia Kostenko has urged not to believe rumours which are discussing online, and criticized envious, leaving her negative comments. In addition, the model made clear that it did not intend to share details of his personal life with the public.

      22-year-old model Anastasia Kostenko is credited with an affair with 29-year-old footballer Dmitry Tarasov. Rumors of this being discussed here already for a long time, but the alleged lovers prefer to refrain from comments about his alleged affair. Careful social media users are confident that Anastasia is a reason pays attention to the review, which reported on its relationship with the athlete. She dark-haired beauty did not respond to the questions of the users of social networks.

      Anastasia Kostenko stopped denying the connection with Dmitry Tarasov

      Kostenko recently turned to the spiteful critics who allow themselves negative statements about her. Apparently, the girl is tired from the many conjectures of the public and decided to clarify the situation. Anastasia encourages followers not to believe all the rumors that spread in the Network.

      “Someday people will stop to read the vague unknown of the publication, leave your opinion where it is not popular to believe everything you read, write nasty things to strangers, and to blame people for what they did (actions, surgical interventions, etc.). Instead, they will begin to engage their time and life and it will be a generation of happy people, and not just label the column “about me”: happy wife, mother, etc. in the meantime, looks more like what I was afraid of Einstein: “I fear that the day will come when technology will surpass human interaction. And the world will have a generation of idiots” – shared model.

      Fans of Anastasia encouraged her and advised not to dwell on the negative comments. Fans of beauty also congratulated her on International women’s day. “Stunning, extraordinary, angelically beautiful Nastenka, happy new year!”, “Gorgeous”, “don’t worry about the rumors”, “Cool”, “Wonderful remark”, “Live life to the fullest, right”, “God Give you happiness”, “strongly agree” was discussed by users of social networks.

      One of podeschi model called her to clarify the rumor that she allegedly had an affair with the famous footballer. “And why should I prove something to the public that eyes have not seen? I did signed a contract for lighting your personal life? No. I’m on the project? No. Those who have the right to know the details and rebuttals – they can personally contact me. My friends and family. The rest, coming and going. The folly to waste time I’m not going and I wish you the same,” wrote in response Anastasia.