Ksenia Borodina dare to show the face of the youngest daughter

Ксения Бородина осмелилась показать лицо младшей дочери Leading “House-2” posted a touching picture. One-year-old Theon took part in a homemade photo shoot in honor of mom’s birthday. March 8 Ksenia Borodina was 34 years old. Some fans argue that Thea is a copy of the elder sister of Mary, others that she’s a daddy’s girl.

      Ксения Бородина осмелилась показать лицо младшей дочери

      Daughter permanent leading “House-2” Ksenia Borodina and her husband Kurban Omarov Theon at the end of December was a year old. All this time, she willingly shared with subscribers microblog details of the life of little Thea, posting pictures and videos featuring Babes. But every time my mom watched that on these shots, her little heiress was to be seen only from the back. And here’s to your birthday, which she celebrates on March 8, Ksenia Borodina was given to understand that close to to demonstrate to fans who like their husband and beloved baby. Husband Ksenia Borodina: “Soon our family will grow!”

      TV presenter has published in the microblog a few pictures taken during an impromptu home photo shoot featuring her and two daughters of Mary, and Teona.

      Ксения Бородина осмелилась показать лицо младшей дочери“33 attempts to get a good picture was not a success, but the mood at all 1000000000000000”, – signed photo surrounded by the daughters of Ksenia Borodina.

      One-year-old Theon in the picture captured in the profile. Nevertheless, the frame can be judged, how cute and handsome heir to teledive. By the way, members of a young mother have already noted in the comments that Thea is just a beautiful girl.

      “Very pretty Thea. In profile shows! Happy birthday, Ksenia!”, “The profile of the Heat – copy Marusya”, “Such a sweet girl, FIE on you”, “little Bun”, “Teeka like dad”, “happy birthday! Happiness, harmony, peace and love, health to you, the children and family. And so EECCA look like dad, while not very visible her beautiful face. And Mara beauty”, “What dad?! In profile – a copy of Kseniya well, or Mara in childhood”, “Side already visible, as Thea is similar to Xenia,” the dispute under the Teona subscribers Ksenia Borodina.

      It is worth noting that the star mom loves her daughters, is trying to keep them happy and spending with heirs more time. Ksenia Borodina and her husband Kurban Omarov often go on vacation with the whole family. Little Theon have already visited Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. Apparently, the girl can tolerate even long trips. Fans Borodina always say that the baby grows very beautiful, and marvel at her outfits. The eldest daughter Xenia Marusya helps her mother and baby sister. Very often the girl is watching over Thea.