Ксения Бородина с размахом отметила день рождения Well-known presenter spent the evening in a circle of close friends at an elite Moscow restaurant. Dinner for 20 persons at a cost of one million rubles. Itself Ksenia tried to meet and party tonight, and the new expensive bracelet adorning her hand.

      Traditionally Ksenia Borodina 8 March celebrates two holidays: international women’s day and his birthday. Today, she turned 34 years old. Lush festivities leading decided not to make, and instead was invited to a dinner for 20 close friends.

      The celebrations were held in the evening in one of the elite Moscow restaurants. Menu telediva chosen in advance – crayfish, lobsters, sea urchins, oysters. Dessert, as usual, cooked a favorite chef Susie Renat Agzamov. “Modest get-togethers” with relatives at a cost to the spouse leading Kurban Omarov a million rubles. Xenia boasted wife expensive gift – a bracelet worth $ 4 million. Of course, the host took a few pictures in them. However, the true connoisseurs of the TV worceste Borodina impressed not so much a diamond gift, how harmonious Union of the Xenia and her husband.

      “There are no words to tell you what’s cool, every time I look and admire!” – wrote the user’s Instagram.

      Xenia chose a special, bright dress for going out. Borodin long conjured over the hair. And when the evening was complete – she immediately took a picture right in the room to inform his fans, the evening promises to be hot! Dress bright turquoise color with pedrami appreciated by many fans Borodina. Netizens called Ksenia the most beautiful mother, wife and TV presenter.

      “Ksenia, you look in that dress, like a mermaid,” notes the true connoisseurs of the style of the presenter in the “Instrume” and wished health and happiness to her and her family.

      By the way, the younger children of Susie, too, prepared for the birthday of a beloved mother. Daughter Maroussia and son Kurban Omar drew dozens of cards for the birthday girl. The scenario that they have prepared in advance, each of them had to give mommy every half hour.