Pavel Volya is suing the crooks for his name

Павел Воля судится с мошенниками за свое имя With the ex-resident Comedy Club demanded three million rubles. Paul Will not intend to part with the money, and therefore has addressed in Arbitration court to restore their rights. The case of the showman lasts for six months, but so far judges have not rendered a decision.

      Павел Воля судится с мошенниками за свое имя

      Opening in the Internet address pavelvolya. EN you want to see the happy face of a showman and a couple of jokes, however, expectations are not met – the domain belongs to the organization, unrelated to the activities of the former popular resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya.

      “Pavel filed a lawsuit in the Arbitration court of Moscow the company “SALNAME” selling domains in your Network – say “StarHit” in court. – Since his name is a brand and trademark, he wants the address he returned free of charge. The trial on the case lasted for more than six months. A statement by the artist, recorded in March. All this time, where could be his personal page, emblazoned advertising Agency of real estate”.

      Employees of the company, which is now owned domain, do not hide that used the name of a showman in their own interests. However, they sure didn’t do anything illegal, and therefore did not admit their guilt.

      “We wanted to promote your website due to the name of a popular artist, say “StarHit” the employees of the company Away Realty. – Nothing illegal was done – the web address was free, not belonging to Paul.”

      Checking the number of queries in search engines for the name of ex-resident Comedy Club, you can calculate that minimum 1.2 million people a month search the Internet for information about this and unexpectedly come to the site real estate Agency.

      “Pasha last year began to throw off the link to his “website” familiar – says the “StarHit” Anton Petrov, a colleague of Will. He certainly reacted to the situation with humor, but their rights still decided to defend officially. Yes, he has a personal page with the same name, but with “PostScript” com. Will was ready to buy this name in real estate, but from what I heard, he asked about three million rubles. Therefore, he has submitted to Arbitration court”.