Olga Buzova became more relaxed because of the break with her husband

Ольга Бузова раскрепостилась из-за разрыва с мужем TV presenter decided on a bold photo shoot. Previously, the star was able to place photos in swimwear. Apparently, after breaking up with a loved leading “House-2” became more free, once allowed himself to make such candid shots.

      Recently Olga Buzova surprised fans with surprising regularity. First, a shock to the public was the news about her separation with her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov. Then the star of “House-2” from casual view blonde turned into a sensual brown-haired woman, which also spawned a lot of speculation about her mental state. Perhaps the most openly and vividly Olga spoke about the difficult period in his life through the song “the sounds of kisses”, which occupies the first ranks of various charts. And summed up the changes Buzova candid photoshoot in which she showed underwear.

      Apparently, after the break with the beloved man leading reality show became a little more relaxed. Previously, as a married lady, Olga could boast sporty body only in pictures in bathing suits. Demonstration of underwear the favorite of millions currently not allowed. Now, starring in a suit of mustard color, Flirty Buzova exposed shoulder and left breast, thereby emphasizing the eroticism of the image.

      Fans of TV presenter, designer, and more recently still, the singer was quick to speak about what they saw.

      “Buzova, I did not expect”, “Nice try, but you’re not Kylie Jenner”, “Beautiful, but lingerie super!”, “And bold, and romance and sexuality. Just wow” – opinions of the followers of the star.

      Apparently, Olga Buzova really found the strength to live on and, despite everything, to enjoy everything going on. TV presenter with an open mind, ready for experiments and most daring steps as a creative attitude and working.

      From Olga Buzova turned away close

      However, it is not without reason to be sad. Recently, the star had an accident when moved on the roads of the capital with a friend. Girls received minor injuries, but generally without serious consequences. After a car collision with a pillar in the cabin worked airbags that have helped Olga and her friend to avoid damage.