Павел Дмитриченко поведал о тяжелых испытаниях за решеткой Soloist of the Bolshoi theater, after being in prison for about three years, survived this difficult period. It was his ordeal that forced a new look at yourself. Now Dmitrichenko is gradually returning to normal. In the future he hopes to return to ballet.

      Павел Дмитриченко поведал о тяжелых испытаниях за решеткой

      In may of this year, 32-year-old dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko, convicted for an assassination attempt on Sergei Filin, was released. A few months after parole Dmitrichenko told reporters about how he returns to normal life and plans for the future.

      Sergei Filin: “I had a month to live with protection for centuries”

      The prison had a negative impact on the health of Dmitrichenko. The years spent behind bars, became a dancer, once shone on the stage of the Bolshoi theatre, the real test. Paul tried not to lose hope and to keep fit through exercise. “In the colony were engaged in the sit-UPS with ballast, with a bar. However, the most important was there to save health. And it is very difficult to do. In the first months in the detention center you start to break teeth due to the lack of sunlight. The first year I was in stone walls, walks were taken rarely. Camera three on two, you jump from wall to wall like an animal locked in a cage. This is a big test,” Dmitrichenko shared with reporters.

      Павел Дмитриченко поведал о тяжелых испытаниях за решеткой

      Artist of the Bolshoi theatre also told that helped him to remain strong and not break. According to Dmitrichenko, the person is able to adapt to everything. A big “withdrawal” from not living a civilized life, the dancer is not experienced. While in prison, he read a lot — as classical literature and philosophy books. The only thing he really missed, so it is in communication with loved ones.

      “Everyone tried to stay away, no, no. Live according to their own human rules, I’m not interested in the criminal world. How will he lived, and there continued to live. Friends among the criminals appeared. With me were people with two or three higher educations, financiers, lawyers — that with them and talked… Even one day in prison, many compare to prison. The hardest thing is that you’re limited in the freedom. But the main thing is to be psychologically free in. And then any challenge can be completed,” — said Dmitrichenko.

      Dancer has read the official statement of the Bolshoi theatre, which says that it can take, but on a General basis. The artist speaks well of the General Director of theatre Vladimir Urine and the artistic Director of the Mahar Vazieva. He was confident that one way or another will do ballet. At the moment he’s getting an education — Paul is studying in two universities at the associate and Manager. “I like to study and absorb new knowledge,” he admits. In addition, Dmitrichenko caring for their parents, suffering from health problems. His father needed major surgery, Dmitrichenko told to “Caravan of stories”.

      Recall that in December 2013 Pavel Dmitrichenko was sentenced to six years for an attempt on the life of artistic Director of the Bolshoi theatre Sergei Filin. The attack on him was committed in January of that year. An unknown attacker splashed Filin in the face with acid, after which he was partially blind and had several dozen operations. Dmitrichenko served time in a penal colony. In 2016, the artist was released on parole. The guilt, the dancer denies. Convicted for the attack on the eagle Owl artist: “I did unfairly”