Larisa Guzeeva found evidence of infidelity of her husband

Лариса Гузеева нашла доказательство неверности мужа The presenter told us about the scandal in the family. Larisa Guzeeva suspected wife of infidelity and barely him not divorced. Stopped the actress from this step, only the tears of her children. The star admitted that periodically checks a page of her husband on the social network.

      Лариса Гузеева нашла доказательство неверности мужа

      Famous actress and presenter of the popular program “let’s get married!” Larisa Guzeeva open up on the transfer of Ivan Urgant “Relish”.

      The star and her husband, a famous restaurateur Igor Bukharov were the guests of the next edition of the popular cooking show where she prepared a family dinner of four dishes – fried liver, cutlets, homemade potato chips and some watermelon for dessert. Larisa Guzeeva took over the management of the process, Igor Bukharov was assisted by his wife, fulfilling all her requests. Equanimity wife Larisa Guzeeva so impressed with Ivan Urgant, he decided to ask a couple provocative question: “do You ever fight? What can Igor bring out?” “Oh, I can…”, – said Larisa Guzeeva. “I don’t doubt it,” laughingly remarked Ivan Urgant.

      “The social network, for example,” continued the presenter. – I check my husband’s phone, see who its subscribers will. And once there found this stuff! I immediately to Igor: “this maiden are you doing?” And he began to tell me that accidentally poked her, they’d removed. But the scandal we had, just before the divorce did not come! Children participated, cried and said: “Mom, don’t!”. And Igor to me no questions, because I’m practically a Saint.”

      It should be noted that the spouse of Larissa Guzeeva has not commented on the story without being disturbed all the time, while his beloved woman expounded the details of their family life.

      Recall that Larisa Guzeeva and Igor Bukharov live happily married for nineteen years. The couple have a 16-year-old daughter, Olga, whose beauty is beginning to overshadow his stellar beautiful mother. Larisa Guzeeva is proud of his successor and often posts pictures of her in microblogging. In addition to her daughter, Larisa Guzeeva have an adult son George, who is 25 years old.

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      Celebrity advised his subscribers to become parents. Two children — is too little, a leading shared in Instagram.

      “I only regret that I had to give birth to a dozen… my Dear, do not repeat my mistakes: two is too little!”, — wrote the artist in his microblog.