Гарри и Лизе исполнилось три! Чем удивили дети Пугачевой и Галкина в этом году “StarHit” remembered the brightest moments of life, twins. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin exactly three years ago became the parents of adorable kids Gary and Lisa. Fans of the star couple are grateful for the opportunity to watch as their children grow. Celebrity not so long ago ceased to conceal his heirs.

      The most famous twins of our country Lisa and Harry on 18 September was three years old.

      The morning social networking friends and fans congratulate the star couple kids with birthday. A close friend of Alla Pugacheva Alina Redel has published on his page in Facebook new pictures of Harry and Lisa.

      Recently, the daughter and son of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin become real stars, promising to overtake the popularity of their famous parents. “StarHit” decided to recall what surprised fans this year charming heirs of Donna and her husband.

      To the great delight of fans of Alla, she no longer hide their children from the public almost immediately after the babies celebrated their second birthday. Up to this point star parents tried not to involve their children too much attention.

      First photos of Harry and Lisa appeared online in December last year. Kids and their parents went to the birthday celebration of the daughter of Philip Kirkorov, Alla-Victoria. It was their first release. In a Network there was a touching photo Pugacheva and Galkin with children

      And then, in the early days of 2016 Alla Pugacheva created your account on Instagram, where she began personally to talk about the success of children. In February, Harry and Lisa gave my mom a gift made with your own hands. The baby has made her happy moulded from clay figurines of flower and tree.

      “The first creations of two young artists – Harry M. and Elizabeth Maximovna” proudly wrote a celebrity by putting in the caption the hashtag symbolic “mother’s happiness”, which speaks for itself.

      In the same year, Harry and Lisa, pleased parents, showing them that inherited their musical talents. “Both musical – told about the children of Maxim Galkin. Lisa is a good dancer. They have baby Grand pianos, which like to portray the game. And when Alla was performed at the “New wave”, we watched her number on TV. Lisa even sang the mother, and in the end everyone loudly applauded”.

      And a little later to make sure the vocal talents of little Elizabeth are the viewers of the First channel. The twins appeared in a new show of his dad “Maximmaxim”, and in one of the issues Lisa sang a nursery rhyme. Daughter Pugacheva and Galkin debuted as a singer

      Last summer Harry and Lisa together with their parents held in Jurmala. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin and their children to inspire all residents and guests of the resort. Celebrity couple strolling along the picturesque quays and the streets and having fun taking pictures with numerous fans. Maxim Galkin has shared the first Latvian the daughter

      The diva spent a lot of time together with the heirs – Lisa and Harry was playing on the Playground near the Villa where they lived all summer.

      “She played with kids, helped them to climb the hill, rode on a swing, – has shared with “StarHit” watching this picture of Anna Savkus. – Then the nurse came and four of them went home”

      But in September the family came to Moscow, and the lives of the kids returned to normal. Harry and Lisa started to go to kindergarten, where dad and mom gave them last year. By the way, this is where they plan to celebrate his birthday in a circle of the same kids as they. Children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin will celebrate the birthday in the garden

      Harry and Lisa will bring treats and will accept congratulations from friends. Will triumph at home. On the occasion of the birthday of the children of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin were holding a birthday dinner in his castle in the village of Mud.