Irina Agibalova recalls with horror a life of poverty

Ирина Агибалова с ужасом вспоминает жизнь в нищете The star of “House-2” sold belongings to buy food. Irina Agibalova remembered how she and her husband survived in the difficult nineties. Famous thelebanese argues that the lack of money has United her family. A daughter, who was then young, I think it’s time the happiest.

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Irina Agibalova this weekend I decided to give followers of his microblog a look into the past. Famous thelebanese remembered how she and her husband and daughters lived in the nineties, when the country entered into economic chaos.

      Irina posted a picture with her husband, made in 1995, and under it told how her family lived in poverty, surviving on bread and water.

      “We lived in a room 13 sq. m. four of the parents of the husband. Kitchen 4.5 square, we were immediately separated in the diet, each your income and your refrigerator. Husband of 4 months was home without work, and I got a job in a local school educator of extended-day groups at half time. There was no place for a chemist-biologist. I remember coming home from work, sorted out a trifle in the pocket and I think that’s enough for half a loaf of bread or not enough. That day is not enough…. I sold everything I could, fur coats, gold, mink hats, went to work walk nearly 3 km, cried in the evenings in the pillow, but did not give up and the result was not long in coming,” wrote in microblogging Irina Agibalova.

      She added that her daughter remembered these years as the happiest in life, because the lack of money is not a quarrel family, and made her only stronger and more United.

      Fans of Irina Agibalova ask her to continue to share the experience of survival in difficult times, as this topic is, according to them, very relevant today for young people who are just starting to create a family.

      “Irina, please write a sequel! It’s so important for young families who are just back on my feet and don’t have huge apartments, expensive cars and rich relatives”, “As I understand you, in the 90s the time for many was hard”, “Tell me more, for many it will be a great example not to give up and believe in yourself”, “But now you are a beautiful successful woman! As fate plays us” – write followers Irina Agibalova.

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Irina Agibalova now can be considered as a sample of homemakers. She has a husband, three adult children – two daughters and a son have grandchildren. In this famous thelebanese looks fresh and young, she’s slender and good-looking. Irina Agibalova is the household – in her microblog, you can often see photos of delicious dishes, well-groomed infield, tastefully furnished rooms in a country house. And not so long ago Irina was the owner of property in Cyprus. Irina Agibalova remodeling their new home in Cyprus

      “Slowly begin repairs. Living area – 128 square meters”, – told the “StarHit” Irina Aleksandrovna. Three spacious rooms: living room, gym and bedroom with adjoining luxurious terrace. Also the house has one bathroom and a cozy kitchen with a panoramic window. Very soon I will receive the guests had puzzled the guys from the TV show to make to your schedule a trip to me.”