Павел Деревянко выстроил идеальные отношения с бывшей женой The actor said he was not living with the family. However, Pavel Derevyanko spends a lot of time with my family. The artist frequently visits the daughters.

      Павел Деревянко выстроил идеальные отношения с бывшей женой

      The popular actor Pavel Derevyanko older two daughters. Despite the fact that the actor and his wife Daria Myasishchev don’t live together, they have managed to build up a great relationship. Paul regularly visits the subsidiaries and is trying to take in their education and active participation. After Derevianko broke up with his wife, Daria decided to wait for my husband’s return, hoping that the feelings between them has not died away. According to friends, the eldest daughter managed to reconcile their parents. But the birth of a second child is not bonded family. Despite this, the Pope regularly visits the subsidiaries.

      “However, we don’t all live together, and I can’t be with the girls forever, because they work a lot and often go from Moscow. But Dasha and I, their mother, was built during this time a great relationship – full of mutual respect, understanding and a kindred love. Educating our children together, we have each and their personal lives. It is very convenient to live in the standard system that we have created together. As soon as I have free time, I’m going to his family for the city with gifts: toys, clothes, delicious food. And when you come, it’s always a lot of laughter and joy – it turns out I’m the daddy feast!” – shared with journalists Paul.

      Var now five years old, and youngest daughter Alexandra was born almost two years ago. The actor remembered that when she was born the eldest girl, Cooking, he was able to approach the little girl. The fact that the new Pope was confused and didn’t know how to raise girls.

      “Naturally, I thought of my son. Because he knew that such boys, and did not know what girls… Before the birth of Vari. When she appeared, I didn’t really understand how to treat this, and did not realize that I am the father. And only after some time – probably when the var was two or three years – we began to find common ground, enjoy each other and be bored in the separations. Further – more. I am getting softer as a person and as a father. And with Sashuley a little simpler: we just happened contact. Overall, I am very happy that I have two of show”, – Derevyanko told in an interview to the magazine Hello.

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