Дочь Ани Лорак научилась общаться с папарацци Four Sofia realizes that her mother is a celebrity. Ani Lorak for a long time did not want to show the public their child. The singer notes that she had a pronounced artistic abilities.

      Дочь Ани Лорак научилась общаться с папарацци

      The popular singer Ani Lorak growing up-year-old daughter Sofia. The actress and her husband Murat Nalchajian for a long time tried to hide their child from the media spotlight and showed the girls face in their microblogs, taking pictures of her mostly from the back. Despite her young age, Sofia knows that her mother is a famous personality, but because even I learned how to communicate with the paparazzi.

      “She’s growing artist – spoke about his daughter Ani Lorak. – The house is always the music, I tell stories about their tours and trips. Sonya is in this environment, goes to my concerts. She loves to dance and sing. Now it grows naturally, she, like all girls, likes to be a Princess to attract the attention. She notices the increased attention to us when we do something together we leave. And she understands that mommy is a public person. Sonya already knows the phrase “no photo!”

      Recall that the first revealed the face girl’s her godfather – Philip Kirkorov. Fans said that the girl is very similar to his famous mother, although Ani was sure that Sofia is growing a copy of his father.

      I must say that in January, during a tour, during one of the performances of Ani her daughter came to her at one stage. Four-year-old girl sang the chorus from the popular song “Hold me”. The fans were delighted with this duet with the daughter and awarded them with thunderous applause. Despite this success, the actress didn’t want Sophia followed in her footsteps. However, Ani is going to help in that sphere that the daughter will choose for yourself and will support whatever decision she makes.

      “I’d hate to Sonia became a singer. It is very hard work. For example, if abroad, the artist who achieved success, living from the sales of their albums, in our country, “wolf foot feed”. There are concerts – there is a earnings, no concerts – no earnings. It’s instability. And I would like for her stable, and not dependent on the whims of the public. Today like you the viewer, and tomorrow he likes someone else. You always have to “get in the mood” people who come to your concert,” he shared in an interview to Ani Deti.Mail.ru.

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