Найдены причины неудач Тани Терешиной в личной жизни The secret of loneliness of the singer revealed to her fans. In the opinion of the subscribers Tanya Tereshin, she incorrectly formulates life the inquiry about search of the second half, surrounding yourself with the wrong things.

      Найдены причины неудач Тани Терешиной в личной жизни

      The ex-soloist of the popular group Hi-Fi Tanya Tereshina, last fall, very loudly and under the scrutiny of the public parting with the civil husband Glory Nikitin, still has not presented the public with evidence that she is not alone. It seems that the star itself lack in her life at the moment, men do not very frustrating. She leads a busy life, her blog is still full of sparkling, rowdy and sometimes provocative posts.

      At a recent photo Tanya Tereshina captured sitting on the couch in the background of the picture, on which she also portrayed, not once. “I’m going crazy… Me a little, little, little, my little, little, little,” commented the singer shot the reworked phrase from the famous song. Comments left below this publication of the singer of her fans, striking evidence that they obviously do not give rest the fact of absence in the lives of so many beautiful young women date. They are trying to understand why such an extraordinary lady spends her days in solitude. And now finally found the answer to your question! According to them, the Tereshin desperately unlucky in love due to the fact that she incorrectly formulates a message to the Universe about the second half. “Of course, I do not really believe, but say not at home to keep painting with the image of one woman, must be someone else, better man, even just the silhouette, to avoid loneliness in life,” wrote the Tanya Tereshin one of podpiski.

      It is worth noting that in recent times, indeed it has become fashionable to use technology to attract second half, in which, among other things, advised not just to visualize the image of your future partner, but also to decorate it with images of your home. But it seems that Teresina is not interested. “I don’t hold. They either stand or hang,” retorted the star in response to razoblachitelnye secrets of her loneliness.

      However, Tanya Tereshina, though trying to keep the brand and not to show how hurt her because of the breakup with the father of her daughter ARIS Glory Nikitin, no-no, and complain about the downsides of a free life. Particularly acute lack of men, the singer felt in winter, during inclement weather. A young woman who was forced to dig your car out of a snowdrift in the Parking lot in the yard, admitted that it was at this point the presence in her life strong and strong hands would be very handy.

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