Паулина Андреева кормит Федора Бондарчука фастфудом The girl sometimes allows himself liberties. Despite the fact that Fedor Bondarchuk is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, he refuses bold ideas Paulina Andreeva. The actress admits that actually loves to cook.
Паулина Андреева кормит Федора Бондарчука фастфудом

About the novel by Fyodor Bondarchuk Paulina Andreeva became known last year when a man broke up with his wife Svetlana and gave preference to the young actress. Despite the fact that the couple remain one of the most discussed topics, the lovers themselves are very reluctant to talk about their happiness. In an interview, the girl made it clear that they with the famous Director is not yet live together, but because they have to find time in his busy schedule to arrange a romantic date. Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva gave the first joint interview

Apparently, Paulina is a good hostess – she admitted she loves to cook. Fans know that Fedor Bondarchuk is leading an active way of life and monitors health. But sometimes the girl allows himself liberties and feeds man’s fast food.

“We had a party “pizza-Cola”. We were many, we were going to watch a movie. I like to cook, honestly,” he justified Andreev.

Andreeva sincerely wonders why it is now her focus. She nostalgically recalls a time when all knew the fans were limited to her roles in film and theater. However, after the affair with a famous Director became known to the General public, it became harder to overcome her universal interest.

Despite the fact that now Paulina, a famous actress, she does not seek to isolate themselves from the outside world. The actress admits that values freedom and does not accept any limitations. She likes to go where she wants, and tries to find the beauty in every little things. The girl does not hesitate to travel by public transport and is not afraid that the fans will not let it pass.

“How not to ride the subway? I want to live in this society, not in a fantasy. People and characters mainly live in the ground. Very dangerous the preponderance of secular existence on the creative life: all know which premiere you were, but no one remembers what roles you played. This is a very, in my opinion, a sad situation, and I would not like it to be,” – said Pauline in an interview with “OK!”.