Врачи борются за жизнь отца Павла Буре Coach is one of the American clinics. His condition is estimated as heavy. According to daughter-in-law Vladimir Valerievich, they hope for the best. The man suffered a stroke and for about a day spent in a coma.

The coach of the hockey team of Belarus Vladimir Bure is in a serious condition. 66-year-old man suffered a stroke. Doctors of the American hospital, where dwells the father of a famous athlete, fighting for his life. Two weeks ago, he was hospitalized in serious condition in the hospital and about a day spent in a coma. Experts estimate its condition as heavy.

“StarHit” contacted the wife of Paul, Alina, to see how feels her father-in-law. According to the woman, they hope for the best.

“While we are forced to monitor the health of Vladimir Valerevich at a distance – at the moment are unable to urgently fly to Miami, but just recently collected. With Papa Pasha is now on duty his wife and daughter, but, of course, also like to maintain it. Son Valery lives in Los Angeles, while also not close with my dad. Now Vladimir Valeryevich better, he’s recovering. I really hope that his health will be all right,” said Alina “StarHit”.

Vladimir Bure is the father of hockey players Pavel and Valeri. The man himself was a famous Soviet swimmer. From 1968 to 1977, he won four Olympic medals, and awards of world and European Championships. Last competition with the participation of Vladimir Valerevich has become the Olympics of the USSR, where he won the silver medal in the relay 4×100 m freestyle.

Bure Sr. worked in the NHL. And since the beginning of 2015 is collaborating with the Belarusian ice hockey Federation, engaged in physical training not only national, but also youth and Junior national teams of Belarus. Both sons Vladimir Valerievich playing hockey. Pavel Bure played in the NHL for 12 seasons. His speed earned the nickname “Russian rocket.” August 13, 2015 Pavel Bure was appointed President of the International League of the legends of world hockey. The athlete lives in USA with his wife and two children.