A friend of Nonna Mordyukova revealed the details of her personal tragedy

Подруга Нонны Мордюковой раскрыла подробности ее личной трагедии A close friend of the Soviet actress spoke about the reasons for the death of Vladimir Tikhonov. According to Galina Efremova, the famous parents have not paid enough attention to the only child, what later regretted to the end of life.
Подруга Нонны Мордюковой раскрыла подробности ее личной трагедии

Nonna Mordjukova died July 6, 2008. In connection with the anniversary of the death of the actress, her close friend Galina Efremova decided to tell about the personal life of the stars of the Soviet cinema. She remembered how Vyacheslav Tikhonov met his future wife during the filming of the “Young guard”. According to her, the man immediately fell in love with “the proud Cossack girl”.

A former wardrobe mistress Nonna Viktorovna told about why the marriage broke up two major icons of the Soviet screen.

“They quickly tired of everyday problems. Everyone was trying to realize themselves in work, but would not go back to a tiny apartment. Nonna wanted to leave, but mother persuaded her to keep the family together. Divorce in those days was bad form, especially since they have already had a child”, – says Galina.
Подруга Нонны Мордюковой раскрыла подробности ее личной трагедии

According to a friend Mordyukova, my favorite million was too glib nature, violent temper, with which Tikhonov just couldn’t accept. Galina shed light on the causes of the death of the only son of the star couple, Vladimir.

“When Nona and Glory divorced, their child was 13 years old. Volodya was very upset by the breakup of parents, and they, in turn, spent all his free time on set. Tikhonov was not enough to pay attention to his son. And Nonna, Thank wanted the heir lived up to them, so sometimes reproached him. What to do to the teenager when he is alone in this situation? In the end Dylan found solace in trouble, which killed him” – shares memories of Galina Efremova.

Recall, the only son of Nonna Mordyukova died in 1990 from heart failure that doctors believe was caused by a drug overdose. Vladimir Tikhonov tried to build an acting career, and even played several notable roles in the movies, but was not able to reach the same heights that his star parents.

According to a friend of Nonna Mordyukova, the news of his beloved son’s death turned her life upside down. After that, she became much less likely to be in a movie, ignoring social events and meeting friends. Nonna Viktorovna tried not to comment on family drama, protecting the memory of his son.

Few people know that Mordjukova has long been feuding with Natalya Varley, believing that the star of “the Caucasian captive” was cheating on her only heir. Nonna Viktorovna until his death did not recognize the grandson of Basil, considering that the daughter gave birth to a boy by another man.

In his interview to the newspaper “the Interlocutor” Galina Efremova said that Mordjukova for many years beating myself up about the death of Volodymyr, considering that did not protect him from harmful habits.

“The pain of losing Nonna couldn’t drown out. Her sister once told me that Mordjukova every morning howling at son blamed for his death only themselves”, – says Galina.